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Rebooking every WWE PPV part 36

2020.08.22 19:43 Glum-Fortune1342 Rebooking every WWE PPV part 36

Judgement day 2004
Cruiserweight championship Tajiri (c) def Rey Mysterio (13:14)- tajiri wins after spitting green mist in rey’s eyes
WWE tag team championships Basham brothers def Scotty 2 hotty & rikishi (c) (9:02)
Rob van dam def hardcore holly (8:16)
United States championship John cena (c) def big show (9:43)
Booker T def undertaker (16:40)- booker says he didn’t get enough respect on raw so he’s gonna take it on Smackdown. He attacks undertaker on the first night after being drafted. He wins the match after a low blow.
Steel cage match for WWE Championship Eddie Guerrero (c) def Kurt angle (31:10)- angle says eddies win at mania didn’t count because he cheated. Eddie says he’ll give him a rematch but Kurt says he wants to make sure Eddie can’t cheat this time so he asks Paul Heyman to make it a cage match which Heyman agrees to.
Bad blood 2004
World tag team championships Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho def evolutions (Batista & ric Flair) (c) (15:45)
Kane def Christian (12:19)- Kane no longer gives a fuck and just beats up everybody
Intercontinental championship Edge def Randy orton (c) (29:17)- this is the match that happened at vengeance irl but I wanted to keep the schedule at 4 raw PPV’s and 4 smackdown with the big 4 shared so I had to move it here.
5-way match for women’s championship Lita def Gail Kim vs molly holly (c) vs Trish Stratus vs Victoria (10:14)
World heavyweight championship Chris Benoit (c) def Chris Jericho (20:44)- just two Canadian friends wanting to prove who is best. The build is respectful to the point that evolution try to stir shit between them but this only leads to the tag title match earlier in the night. After the match they embrace.
Hell in a cell Triple H def Shawn Michaels (47:26)- the final battle in this epic rivalry. They both want to end each other’s careers. The build is their whole history together going back to their Kliq days. Shawn says trips owes him his entire career & trips says Shawn always needed him to stay on top.
Vengeance 2004
United States championship John Cena (c) def Rob van dam (15:02)
WWE tag team championships Basham brothers (c) def Scotty 2 hotty & rikishi (9:34)
JBL def Farooq (8:17)
Cruiserweight championship Rey Mysterio def tajiri (c) (16:15)
Undertaker def Mark Jindrak (4:03)
WWE championship Eddie Guerrero (c) def Booker T (19:25)- after the undertaker booker sets his sights on the WWE championship. Eddie welcomes all challengers and accepts almost immediately
Summerslam 2004
Triple threat for United States Championship Booker T def John cena (c) vs rob van dam (21:14)
World tag team championships La resistance def Chris Jericho & Rhyno (c) (10:05)- the night after bad blood Benoit vacates his half of the championship so he can concentrate on defending the WHC. Jericho picks rhyno as his new partner.
Cruiserweight championship Chavo Guerrero def rey mysterio (c) (18:33)
Intercontinental championship Edge (c) def Batista w/Randy orton & ric flair (10:06)
WWE tag team championships Basham Brothers (c) def Dudley boys (9:53)
Women’s championship Lita (c) def Trish Stratus (17:07)
Christian w/Tyson Tomko def Matt Hardy w/Lita (15:20)- christian wants to get with Lita but Matt tells him to back off. Christian refuses so Matt says they’ll settle it in the ring
WWE championship Eddie Guerrero (c) def undertaker (21:17)- new smackdown general manager Kurt angle makes this match because he still wants to punish Eddie for his lying, cheating & stealing ways. He gives taker a shot because he doesn’t think Eddie can beat him. Taker only accepts because he wants to be champ again and tells angle he’s not his henchman.
Triple threat for world heavyweight championship Kane def triple H vs Chris Benoit (c) (18:44)- trips thinks its time he had a one-on-one rematch for the WHC. Bischoff is about to make it official when Kane’s pyro goes off and and he tells Bischoff he’s been on a tear since wrestlemania and thinks he’s earned a shot at Benoit’s WHC. Bischoff inserts him in because he scared of what Kane will do to him otherwise. Benoit welcomes all challengers and wants to remain champ.
And that’s it for par 36. Come back tommorow for part 37 which will cover unforgiven 2004-Armageddon 2004, which will cover Kane’s title reign and the rise of JBL. Thanks for reading.
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2020.08.03 00:54 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 26/1

Chapter 26
Wrestlemania 28
Raw is on the night after Elimination Chamber, and we hear some unfamiliar music, we hear a song called the Cult of Personality, and we see CM Punk come out with the WWE Championship, he grabs a mic and he says that months ago at Money in the Bank he put Sting to sleep and he walked out with the WWE Championship. Punk says he did this, because he nor some of the other talent was getting the respect that they deserved. Punk says that walking out with the Championship was a message not only from him, but the talent that was being held down for the likes of Triple H, Sting, and Kevin Nash. Punk then says that he is the Voice of the Voiceless. And then he looks around at the crowd and he asks them all if they are wondering why he is back in WWE, Punk says two reasons, the first one is simple, Punk tells the audience that WWE has started to do better with their talent, they have started to actually use their talent, Punk says that it is a far cry from when he left, it is a far cry from Vince McMahon, Punk then says that quite frankly if Vince was still in charge, then he likely would just quit. Punk says that the fact that Rock is still in the main event of Wrestlemania instead of him still makes him sick of course, but Punk says that this one year, he will let that slide, because he feels like all the talent that needs a push is getting a push. Punk says to the audience to look at people like Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks, Wade Barrett. Punk says that if Vince were in charge those men would have been released, because Vince was out of touch. Punk says that a few more guys to get cut would have likely been super talented guys like Justin Gabriel, John Morrison, and Drew McIntyre. Punk pauses for a minute and he smiles, he says that brings him to his second reason, the Royal Rumble winner himself, Drew McIntyre. Punk says that he has watched McIntyre and he has grown respect for him, he heard what he said, Punk says that he saw Drew not only speak out against Nash and Triple H, but Punk watched him put those men down. Punk says that Drew took control of Raw in his absence, and a lot of what he said stuck with Punk, Punk said that Drew reminded him of himself. And then Drew won the Rumble, and Punk was content staying in TNA and New Japan for a bit longer, but Drew called him out, and with the respect that Punk had gained for Drew, how could he not answer that challenge, so here he is. Punk says that at Wrestlemania 28, it will be CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Drew comes out and he grabs a mic, he tells Punk that he is glad that he is back in WWE finally, Drew says that he hopes Punk enjoyed defending his title in the minor leagues, Drew says that now Punk is going to have to deal with the biggest challenge of his career. Drew says that he is going to kick Punk's head off, and he is going to take that WWE Championship from him. Punk says that he sure believes McIntyre, Punk says that Drew is good, for sure, but for Punk he treats every match like the biggest challenge of his career, he says to Drew that maybe he will kick his head off, but he will not take this WWE championship. Drew then tells Punk that we will see about that and he leaves. Punk tells him that we will see, and Punk says that he hopes Drew doesn’t bitch too much after he wakes up from his nap in the ring. Punk then leaves the ring. We see a graphic that the Rock will be appearing on Raw tonight. Next up we see Sting come out, he grabs a mic and he says that last night, he went bell to bell in the Elimination Chamber match, and he lost. Sting then says that at the Royal Rumble, he competed in the Rumble match, he broke the record for longest time in the Rumble, and he went bell to bell, but he lost. Sting says that he worked hard at those matches, and last night at Elimination Chamber Sting noticed someone else with the same tenacity as him. Sting watched Cody Rhodes successfully defend the Intercontenital Championship against one of the most brutal and animalistic competitors Sting has ever seen, Tyler Reks, in a brutal Falls Count Anywhere Iron Man match. Sting says that he has never held the Intercontenintal Championship before, and he has never faced the grandson of a plumber before, but with the tenacity that Cody has shown, and the tenacity that Sting has shown, Sting believes that the two men can burn the house down in a match. Sting says that Cody is not here tonight, but he wants to throw down the challenge before anyone else does. Sting says that at Wrestlemania 28, he wants Cody Rhodes in a match for the Intercontenintal Championship. Sting then leaves the ring. Next up we have AJ Lee come out, she says that last night the Chamber was almost too much for her, she says that she can’t believe how tough it was, but still she eliminated not one, but two women in that match, and she went on to win the whole thing. It’s just that after the match, she was attacked, and by not just anyone, but by Michelle McCool, the woman who dominated 2010. AJ says that if she wants a shot at the title then that is just fine, but she demands to know why she attacked her. AJ leaves the ring. Tyler Reks comes out next, he is enraged, he is yelling into the mic, he says that it should be Sting vs him at Wrestlemania, and he demands that Kevin Nash come out here and grant him the Intercontenintal Championship, since last night, he should have won, if it went into sudden death, he would have won the title. Kevin Nash is not coming out, and Reks keeps yelling at the top of his lungs. Then we hear a gong, and the lights go out, we hear another gong, and the lights come back on to reveal Tyler Reks laying in the ring, unconscious. Finally we see the Rock come out to the ring. Rock grabs a mic and asks everyone how they are doing tonight. Rock says that he wants to clear a few things up. One is that he was getting tired of hearing his name come from John Cena’s mouth every single week, he just wanted to shut Cena up, that is the real reason he came to Survivor Series, Rock says he didn’t care about Randy Orton, they had their issues eight years ago. But he did get the chance to send a message to John Cena. Rock says that the Royal Rumble was different, he just wanted to screw with Cena and give him a taste of his own medicine, Rock says that he remembered seeing Cena do something similar on Smackdown that cost Wade Barrett a few months of his career. Rock then goes onto Elimination Chamber, he says that he did what he did last night simpily because he wanted Cena one on one, Rock says that sure, it would be an honor to be in the same ring as Justin Gabriel, but it just isn’t about that, Rock says for years he has wanted to get his hands on Cena, and now he finally has the chance. Rock says that a third person would only get in the way, he doesn’t want that, he wants his full attention on John Cena, and he wants Cena to have his full attention on the Rock. John Cena then comes out, he tells the Rock that Rock has his full attention, but he tells the Rock to be careful what he wishes for, because now Cena plans on making sure the Rock never comes back to WWE or Hollywood, Cena says that now he plans on putting Rock in a wheelchair. The Rock grabs his mic, and he says that Cena finally understands how the Rock feels about him. Rock says that years ago Cena took shots at the Rock for leaving WWE for Hollywood, Rock says that Cena said he didn’t care about the fans. Rock says that couldn’t be farther from the truth, he loves these people, he says that if it wasn’t for them, he would have nothing, the Rock says he would be nothing. Rock says that he owes these people everything. Rock then says that Cena tried to turn these people on the Rock, and that made the Rock want to do more than just put Cena in a wheelchair, Rock says that he wanted to snap Cenas neck and put him in the ground for that. Rock says that Cena has called this the biggest match of his life at Wrestlemania, Rock says that he is damn right about that. Rock then says that it is not only his biggest match as well, but it is his only match, he has fought Austin and Hogan before, but right now, all he can see is John Cena, and at Wrestlemania, he is going to put Cena down for good. Rock then leaves Cena in the ring, and Raw goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and the first person we see is Jusin Gabriel he grabs a mic, he says that at Elimination Chamber he won the right to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, he finally did it. Gabriel says that he has never felt a bigger moment of joy in his life, he says that he celebrated for hours, and he called Teddy Long to thank him, he then called a few other people to thank them for helping him as well, he called Heath Slater, he called Ryback, he called David Otunga, and then he went to call his former leader, Wade Barrett, and that is when it hit him, Justin Gabriel says that at Wrestlemania it will be him vs Wade Barrett for the World Heavyweight Championship. Gabriel says that he still wants to thank Wade for helping him out and getting him to where he needs to go, he says that Wade got him a shot at the US title, and look how far that got Justin. Gabriel says thank you, and then he says that at Wrestlemania, even though Barrett is almost like a father figure to him, he will give it his all. Gabriel says that he did not come this far just to lose the biggest fight of his life. Wade Barrett comes out, and he looks at Justin Gabriel, he says to Justin that he is happy for him, and he says that Justin right behind him was always the most talented member of the Nexus, but that is the thing, he may have been talented, but he was always behind Wade Barrett, he was always led by Wade Barrett. Barrett says that there's a reason for this and that reason is because Wade was always meant to be World Champion, Justin would be US Champion at best, and Wade says that he was, he was one of the best, but the fact of the matter is, is that, Gabriel is not ready for what is coming to him at Wrestlemania, Wade says that last year, he almost beat the Undertaker, this year, Gabriel will be no problem. Wade then walks away, but Gabriel says to him that he better stop thinkting that way, or Wrestlemania will be too easy. Barrett turns to look at Gabriel. Justin says that Wade just does not understand. Gabriel says that he doesn’t want his friend in that ring, he doesn’t want his leader in that ring, and he certainly does not want some overly pompous asshole in that ring. Gabriel says that he wants the Wade Barrett in that ring. Wade looks confused. Gabriel says that he wants the Wade Barrett that nearly took Randy Ortons head off, he wants the Wade Barrett that led Nexus until they dethroned John Cena and took their place on top with Barrett at the helm. Justin says that he wants the ame Wade Barrett that the Undertaker got. Barrett tells Gabriel to be careful what he wishes for. Next up we see Teddy Long come out and he says that over the next couple weeks, Smackdown will hold a tournament to decide who faces off against Chris Masters at Wrestlemania for the US Championship, he says that tonight we will have Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio, next week we will have Kaval vs Rey Mysterio, and in two weeks the winners of those matches will meet up to decide who challenges Chris Masters. Next up we see Miz and Riley come out, and they brag about how they defeated that fat slob, the Big Show. Miz continues to make fun of Big Show and call him worthless until he comes out, Big Show says that he has a proposition for Miz, Miz asks what it is, and Big Show says that he has to admit, Miz and Riley are really good in the ring together, they deserve to be Tag Team Champions, but Big Show wants to kick their asses and take their titles still, so he proposes that if he finds a partner, they face off against the Miz and Alex Riley for the Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania. Miz laughs at Big Show and so does Riley. Miz says that if Big Show can find a partner, which he doubts, then they can face them at Wrestlemania. Big Show thanks the both of them and he walks to the back. Next up we see Randy Orton come out, he says that it is outrageous that he does not have a spot at Wrestlemania, he says that thi year, he was Mr Money in the Bank, he won the World Heavyweight Championship, and he put three different men on the shelf this year, Randy says that he guesses that he is far to dangerous in this ring, and no one wants to be around him. Randy says that normally that would be fine, but this is Wrestlemania and he demands a challenge to come forward. Randy then leaves the ring. Next up is our main event of the evening and it is Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio. These two men go at it for a bit, before Del Rio gets the CrossArmbreaker locked in. Jericho however is able to get to the ropes, Jericho then hits the Codebreaker, but Del Rio kicks out. Jericho wastes no time and he immediately goes for the LionTamer, he locks it in and Del Rio taps out. Jericho moves on to the finals in two weeks. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start out with John Cena coming out, he grabs a mic and he says that what the Rock said last week was more than powerful, but it was all a lie. Cena looks at the crowd and he tells them that it was, he says that the Rock calls himself the most electrifying man in all of entertainment, Cena says that he can manipulate the crowd with ease, and that is what he did last week. Cena says that if no one believes him, then look at it this way, he went to Hollywood because he was able to make more money, the only reason he came back last year, is because he was going to make huge money at Wrestlemania, and he did. Cena says that the Rock made far more last year than anyone else, and this year it will be the same, the Rock will not only be making more than John Cena, but he will be making more than CM Punk, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and all the rest. Cena looks at the crowd, and he says that the Rock is a liar, Cena then says that he cares very much about the crowd, that is why he is here constantly, busting his ass for the WWE Universe. Cena says that at Wrestlemania he will bust his ass harder than ever before, and he will leave the Rock a broken mess in the ring. Cena looks at the camera and he says at Wrestlemania all the Rock needs to do is to just bring it. Cena throws down his mic and he leaves the ring. Next up we see Sheamus come out, and he says that this whole year he has failed, he says that he is th Celtic Warrior, and he should be World Champion, but he isn’t. Sheamus says that he lost the Royal Rumble, he says that he lost to Sting, John Cena, and a lot of other people. Sheamus says that he wants to change all of that, and he wants to start out at Wrestlemania, so Sheamus says if anyone wants to feel the might of the Brogue Kick then come out and answer his challenge. Daniel Bryan comes out and he goes to the ring, he grabs a mic, and he says that he feels the same way Sheamus does. Daniel says that he has lost a lot of big matches this year as well, and he too wants to turn it around at Wrestlemania. Daniel says that he accepts Sheamus’ challenge. Daniel extends his hand to Sheamus, and Sheamus laughs at Daniel, and he thanks Daniel for making it easy on him, he then says that he will see the little fella at Wrestlemania. Sheamus then leaves the ring laughing. Next up we have AJ Lee come out againa nd she grabs her mic and she says that she is still waiting on an answer from Michelle McCool, and this week, she is not leaving until she gets one. Kevin Nash then comes out, and he says to AJ that Michelle is not here this week, but she has heard AJ pleas, and next week on Raw, Michelle McCool will be in the building to speak about her actions against AJ Lee. Kevin then walks to the back and AJ looks happy with this answer. Next up we have Cody Rhodes come out, and he says that he was too badly hurt to appear on Raw last week, he says that he is still hurt, but he can at least move, and as for tonight he wanted to be here live, because he has a challenge to answer, and that challenge is Sting’s challenge for the Intercontenintal Championship at Wrestlemania. Cody says that Sting is an absolute Icon of the business, he says that Sting was the best to ever come from WCW, and on top of that, he is a multi time World Champion. Cody says that facing Sting would be an absolute honor, and to face Sting at Wrestlemania would be a dream come true, Cody says that it is no question, he accepts Sting's challenge, and he looks forward to defeating one of the best to ever step inside of the ring. Cody then leaves the ring. Next up we see Tyler Reks come out, and he grabs a mic, and he is laughing, he says that last week was a shock, he wasn’t expecting what he got, he wasn’t expecting the Undertaker, but that is what he got. Reks says that now Wrestlemania is just around the corner, and he feels like he has been chosen to be Undertaker's Wrestlemania opponent. Reks says that if the Undertaker wants to put his streak on the line against Tyler Reks, then fine, Reks says that he will take pleasure in destroying the Undertaker and breaking the streak. Reks then says that hopefully Undertaker shows his face soon and makes it official. Reks drops the mic and he leaves the Ring. Finally we see Drew McIntyre come to the ring and he grabs his mic, he says that finally CM Punk showed back up, and finally he accepted his challenge to a match for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Drew says that no matter how good and how determined CM Punk thinks he is, he does not stand a chance at Wrestlemania. Drew says that Punk has wasted months in the minor leagues, and he has really lowered himself, now to go from that to facing off against one of the most dominant superstars in the World, Drew says that Punk will not stand a chance. CM Punk then comes out and goes down to the ring. Punk says that what Drew calls the Minor Leagues, Punk calls a gold mine. Punk says that those are the superstars of the future, and they are also some of the best superstars in the World, just like in WWE, Punk says that WWE also has some of the best superstars in the world, and those stars are who CM Punk has been fighting for. Punk then says that Drew is one of the best superstars in the world, but he has to learn his place, because he is just one of the best in the world, at Wrestlemania, Punk says that Drew will be going head to head with the absolute best in the world, and he is going to be put in his place by the best in the world. Punk looks at Drew, who is getting upset. Punk asks Drew if he wants to kick him in the head, Drew says that he would. Punk tells him to go ahead and try it. Drew says that he will save it for Wrestlemania, and he starts to walk away, but he quickly turns and goes for a Claymore Kick, but Punk ducks it, and Drew hits the ground, he gets up, and Punk picks him up for the GTS, but Drew escapes, and he rolls out of the ring. Punk tells Drew that he was this close to getting him. Drew looks furious as he storms off. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown then comes up next and we see a graphic for our main event between Kaval and Rey Mysterio, but first we see Randy Orton come out, he says that he has waited long enough, he demands that his Wrestlemania opponent show his face right now. We then hear the music of the returning Christian. Christian walks down to the ring and Orton asks him if he is still supposed to be on the shelf. Christian says that yes he is, but he came back tonight because he just wants to say one thing, and that is that a couple months back Orton punted him in the head, and took him out, for no other reason than to send a message. Christian said if it was anyone else, then maybe Randy would have gotten away with it, but seeing as how Randy is out here demanding a Wrestlemania match, that just simply is not going to happen, Christian says that by Wrestlemania he will be one hundred percent, and he says that he wants Orton one on one in a no DQ match. Orton says that is okay, as long as he gets a match at Wrestlemania. But Orton says that he will not be held accountable for what he does to Christian at Wrestlemania. Christian says that neither will he. Next up we have Big Show in the backstage area talking to Alberto Del Rio, and he says that he doesn’t like Del Rio that much, but he needs a partner for Wrestlemania. Del Rio says that Wrestlemania sounds great, but he doesn’t want to go there just to lose because of the Big Show. Del Rio tells Show to face it, Miz is right and he is worthless. Del Rio then walks away. Big Show seems a little flustered. Next we see Big Show again and he is talking to Khali, the only thing is, Khali doesn’t understand what Big Show is saying, and no one is able to translate, so Khali walks away. Big Show is getting more and more upset. Next up we see Wade Barrett walk out to the ring, and he grabs a microphone, he speaks into it and he says that he is kind of looking forward to Wrestlemania, not because he gets to face off against Justin Gabriel, but because ever since he got kicked in the head by Orton he feels like no one has kept their respect for him. Barrett says that everyone needs to remember that no one has ever been able to take the World Championship from him, clean, not Cena, not Orton, not Big Show, not Christian, not anyone. The only person able to beat Wade clean was the Undertaker at last year's Wrestlemania and even then, he did not take the title from Barrett, but even that helps Wades case, because Undertaker is the greatest Wrestlemania performer ever in WWE history, and after the match, he needed to be carted out, and what happened the next month? Wade put him on the shelf and took the World Heavyweight Championship anyway. Wade says that Justin is very talented, but compare their two resumes, and whose truly looks better? Barrett says come Wrestlemania he will knock the head off of Justin Gabriel and he will retain his World Heavyweight Championship, and he will gain back any sort of respect that he has lost. Wade drops the mic and he walks to the back. Next up we see Big Show again and he is talking to Finlay, he says that he has tlaked to just about everyone and no one wants to join him at Wrestlemania, Big Show then asks Finlay if he would join him. Finlay laughs and he says to take on Miz and Riley? Finlay asks Big Show what the point is, Finlay says that it will be a slaughter at Wrestlemania, and he refuses to work with that idea, the answer is a no. Big Show looks disheartened, until he looks off in the distance, he says to this person that he thought he would have no chance of partnering with him at Wrestlemania. Big Show then walks off. Finally we have our main event of Kaval vs Rey Mysterio. This is a very fast paced match, and these two men fight it out for a very long time, eventually Rey hits the 619, but Kaval rolls out of the way of the splash, he then gets on the top rope and he hits the Warriors Way for the win. After the match we see a graphic that says that next week we will see Chris Jericho vs Kaval in the finals. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next and we start it out by seeing Michelle McCool come to the ring, she says that she is willing to explain her actions from Elimination Chamber, tonight. Michelle says that from 2009 to 2011, she ruled the Women’s division, she said that no one could take her title from her, except for the Woman she had by her side for a long time, Layla. Michelle says that she was too naive to realize that keeping Lalya so close for so long would be her downfall, but it was, and she learned something from that, but what she never learned, was why after she said I Quit, way back at Over the Limit did everyone forget about her? Michelle says that yes Kaitlyn came in, sure and everyone likes a shiny new toy, so Michelle was able to get past that, then AJ came in, and once again, everyone likes a shiny new toy, so she was able to forgive that, but then the year went on, and she saw AJ fight Trish Stratus. Michelle said that made her a bit jealous, because from the time she ruled over the division, she never once got an opportunity like that, and then it seemed like everyone wanted to fight AJ, such as Mickie James and Gail Kim. Michelle says that yes people did want to face her, but only for her title, she says that everyone wanted to face AJ because it seemed like they all wanted to see how they stacked up to AJ. Michelle says that she never once got such treatment, and to her that was unfair. And on top of all that Michelle says that she cannot believe AJ is taking credit for changing the Womens division, she says it is sick, Michelle says that she is truly the one to change the division. Michelle asks anyone if they remember the Divas Championship. Michelle says that she tossed it away like the garbage it was, she asks if anyone remembers her battles with Layla and Eve, she says that she was the first Woman to main event a Pay Per View, and she led Women inside Hell in a Cell. Michelle says that something caused her to snap, and it was a combination of all these things, that is why she attacked AJ Lee at Elimination Chamber. AJ comes out next and she grabs a mic, she looks at Michelle and she asks her if she is serious, she tells Michelle that she knows what she did for the Women in WWE, but the thing is, is that, yes Michelle did all of those things, but the fact of the matter is, is that AJ treats her opponents like actual people, AJ asks Michelle if she remembers piggy James? AJ says that is the reason that Michelle never got as much respect as AJ. AJ then says that unlike Michelle, she would challenge women to fight her for the Women’s title, as to where Michelle would bully the opponents that were either picked for her, or earned a number one contenders spot, and when Michelles opponents were too tough for her, she would cheat to win, because she is a coward. Michelle gets upset with this, and she cannot believe that she was just called a coward, she says to AJ that if she is a coward, how about the two fight each other at Wrestlemania for the Womens Championship. AJ says that she thought Michelle would never ask, AJ then tells Michelle that she is on. Next up we see Daniel Bryan come out and he says that last week was a humiliation, he says that he wanted to fight Sheamus in a friendly competition, but Sheamus had to do what he did last week. Daniel says that it is now personal and at Wrestlemania 28, he will go for nothing less than to make Sheamus tap out, and feel the humiliation that Daniel Bryan did last week. Next up we see John Cena in the back, he is asked how he is feeling about Wrestlemania, Cena says that he is feeling good, he says that at Wrestlemania he has no chance of losing that match, and he wonders how the Rock is doing sitting on his ass at home watching this. Cena is then told that ironically enough, the Rock is going to be onRaw live next week, to talk about what Cena said last week. John Cena then says that he looks forward to it, and he walks off. Next up we see Tyler Reks come out, and he grabs a mic, he asks where the Undertaker is at, he says that he is waiting for the lights to go out and the Deadman to appear in front of him. Tyler waits for a minute, and he says that is exactly what he thought, the Undertaker is a true coward, Reks says that Undertaker thought about fighting him at Wrestlemania, but changed his mind because he saw what Tyler is capable of. Kevin Nash then comes out and he says to Tyler that he has just gotten word that next week live on Raw the Undertaker will be in the building to confront Tyler Reks. Reks laughs at this and he tells Nash that he will be waiting. Next up we see Sting in the back and he says that he heard Cody last week, and he looks forward to Wrestlemania, but he says that he cannot believe that Cody just thinks that he is going to beat him so easily at Wrestlemania, Sting reminds Cody of sixty three minutes. Sting says he on the other hand knows that it will not be so easy, but he will beat Cody and become the new Intercontenintal Champion. Sting then walks away. Finally we get to see CM Punk in his return match to WWE, he is taking on Jack Swagger. Punk looks great in this match, he taught Swagger throughout the match and he continues to outmanevre him, until he gets Swagger in the Anaconda Vice and makes him tap out. After the match Punk is hit hard by a surprise Claymore Kick by Drew McIntyre. Drew stands tall over Punk to close out the show.
Smackdown is up next and we start out by seeing Miz and Riley come out, and they make fun of the Big Show, they say that old slob cannot seem to find a partner. Miz says that is no surprise, who wants Big Show as a partner anymore. Miz says that he made that mistake once, and so did Chris Jericho, and look what happened the Big Shows empty head ended up costing them the Tag Team titles. Miz then looks at Riley, and he says now, he has actually found a good partner, and look, they have dominated the Tag Team scene this year, they even put a whooping on the Big Show. Miz then says that anyone who wants a shot at the titles can come out now and stake their claim. Big Show comes out, and Miz and Riley roll their eyes. Big Show comes out and he tells Miz to calm down for a second and hold up, because Big Show says that he has a partner after all. Miz asks Show who it is. Big Show tells Miz that he will not find that out now, instead, next week, they will have a contract signing for their match at Wrestlemania. Miz says that it is just some ploy to get the Big Show another Handicap match for the Championships, but whatever. Miz says that it is fine, and that he will see the Big Show next week. Big Show says thank you to Miz and he walks to the back. Next up we have Christian in a match with Alberto Del Rio. Both men fight well, but Christian is able to hit the Killswitch on Alberto Del Rio and win the match. Afterwards, Randy Orton tries to RKO Christian but he gets hit with a Killswitch as well, and Christian is able to walk away from the ring. Next up we have Justin Gabriel come out and he grabs a mic, he takes asecond before he speaks, but he ends up saying that he hopes that everyone doesn’t get the feeling that him and Wade Barrett are mortal enemies. Gabriel says that they love each other, they came up together, in fact Gabriel asks the crowd if he can take them back a little bit to NXT season one, he says that him and Barrett both worked hard in that show, and they were both disrespected in that show, but needless to say, they earned that respect later on, when Wade led Gabriel and the Nexus to great success. Gabriel says he respects Wade; he thinks he will one day be a hall of famer for sure. He once again thanks Wade for getting him that US title shot so long ago, because without that, he would be nowhere. Gabriel says to the audience, that both him and Wade are extremely competitive, and though they are friends, maybe even brothers, at Wrestlemania they will fight like they are years long enemies. Gabriel then leaves the ring. Finally our main event is Chris Jericho vs Kaval. This match is a good one, Jericho gets beat up pretty bad, and he gets hit with the Warriors way, but he kicks out and he keeps on coming, soon after he is able to hit Kaval with the Codebreaker and pin him for the win. Jericho is victorious, and after the match Chris Masters stands atop the stage and holds up his US title, while he smirks at Jericho. Smackdown then goes off the air.
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2020.07.30 02:02 AEWPunk525 Rebooking WWE throughout the 2010's. Part 22

Chapter 22
Surviving a Killer
Raw starts up after Vengeance, and we see John Cena come out, he grabs a microphone, he says last night he defeated Alberto Del Rio, and it was a tough fight, but he says that he is still extremely disappointed at what went down last night, not with his match, but with the number one contenders match between Justin Gabriel and Randy Orton. Cena says that Justin won the match, fair and square, he beat Orton in the middle of the ring and he became number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Cena says that after the match however, Randy Orton became a sore loser, and he not only attacked Justin Gabriel after the match, but just like Wade Barrett, he punted him in the head. Cena says that he doesn’t mind Barrett, he was in a reign of terror with the title, and he already established himself. Cena then says that Gabriel was just looking to make it, and Cena says that he wanted to face Justin Gabriel, Cena says that he has a lot of talent, and he believes the two of them could tear the house down, but it’s not going to happen now, because Justin Gabriel is hurt, he is in the hospital, just like Wade Barrett, and he will not be back for a while. Cena says that not only is Orton a multi time World Champion, but Cena says that just a few months ago at King of the Ring, Cena beat Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship. Cena then says that he is in a predicament, he wants to tear Orton limb from limb, but he does not want to give Orton what he wants, which is a shot at the title. Cena then says that he just talked to Kevin Nash about this, and Nash said that since Survivor Series is the next Pay Per View, then the best solution is to have a traditional Survivor Series match, and if Team Orton wins, then Randy Orton gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, Cena says that Nash also said, it would be a Raw vs Smackdown match, and if Team Cena wins, it could bring all of the glory to Monday night Raw. Cena then says that he has to choose his partners for Survivor Series, and he has one in mind already, Cena says that technically this man is not a Raw superstar, however, the last few appearances this man made were on Raw, and his next few are going to be on Raw, and not only that, but this man is going to be fighting in a Raw match at Wrestlemania, Cena says that if he accepts, then Cenas first choice is the Rock. Next we see John Cena in the back and he gets approached by Heath Slater, Slater tells him that he knows last year they fought on opposite sides, but this year is different. Heath says that last year, up until the draft, he and Justin fought side by side, usually against Randy Orton and whoever he was with at the time. Slater says that Justin was like a brother to him, and he knows that Nash is going to forbid any sort of Nexus reunion, and Heath says that he wants to fight for Gabriel, so he made sure to get to Cena before Ryback or Otunga. Heath begs Cena for a spot on his team. Cena says to Slater that at last year's Survivor Series, Slater's team beat Cenas team. Cena says that Slater knows what the glory of winning a Survivor Series match is like. Cena tells Slater that he is in, next to him and possibly the Rock. Next up we see AJ Lee come out with her Women’s Championship, she holds it up in the air and she wants to know who her next Challenger is going to be. Nobody comes out at first, not for a long time, until we hear the music of Kevin Nash, everyone is confused, Kevin says to the crowd and to AJ, that in due time, she will learn her Survivor Series opponent, Nash says that it is someone she has never faced, but likely only dreamed of facing, Nash says that she is a Woman who also once changed the division, and Nash says that he thinks it will be a great match at Survivor Series. Nash then walks to the back as AJ looks confused. Next up we see Cody Rhodes come out, he is still on crutches. Cody takes a mic and he says that at Survivor Series, he will indeed build a team that will destroy Tyler Reks, and then after Survivor Series, Cody says that he will return and invoke his rematch clause for the InterContenintal Championship. Cody then says that he wants to introduce the first member of his team, and his team Captain, an old friend of his, Ted Dibiase. Dibiase comes out, and he takes the mic from Cody, and he says that Reks was dominant at Vengeance, but at Survivor Series, Team Cody will find his weakness, and exploit it. Tyler Reks comes out, and he laughs and says, Exploit it, you mena like you did at Vengeance. Tyler says that last night, he also started to form a team, and his first choice, other than himself is, an old rival, Sheamus. Sheamus comes out, and the four men just look at each other. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is next and it starts out with Randy Orton coming to the ring, he grabs a mic and he says that he watched Raw last night, and he heard what Cena said. Orton says that Justin Gabriel is no longer in the picture, so with that being said, Orton believes he should get a shot at the title at Survivor Series, but if Cena wants to play this game with him, then that is fine as well. Orton says that at Survivor Series he will destroy John Cena, he will destroy Heath Slater, and if he chooses to get involved then Randy Orton will destroy the Rock as well, after all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Orton had to kick the Rocks ass, Randy reminds everyone of Wrestlemania 20, he says that he has done it before, and if the Rock has any balls he will do it again. Randy Orton then says that he would like to introduce the first member of Team Orton, and that member is Shad Gaspard. Shad comes down to the ring and he stands by Randy Orton. Orton then says that he dares anyone else to join Cenas team, because if they do join, they will be utterly destroyed. Next up we see Chris Masters come out, he claims to still be top champion on Smackdown, he says that he rules over everyone, and that he is just that good, he reminds everyone of how he beat the Big Show at Vengeance without the use of the Master Lock, or the Master Lock Slam. Masters says that if anyone would like to take a shot at the Masterpiece then come on out and do so. Khali comes, Masters cannot believe it, he leaves the ring as soon as Khali gets in it, Masters then flees the ring and goes to the back. Next up we see the Colons come out. Carlito is all smiles as he grabs the mic, he says that last night, they beat the Miz and Riley again. Carlito says that those two are old haps now, they are done in the title picture. Carlito says that he would like someone new in the picture, he wants a new challenge for Survivor Series. Miz and Riley come out, and they get into the ring. Carlito asks the two if they heard him, he said that they were done. Miz then takes a mic, and tells them that he heard Carlito, and he would just like to say one thing, at Hell in a Cell, it was a brutal war, and the Miz fell, and they lost. Miz then says that at Vengeance, Miz made a misstep and they lost again. Miz says that his partner Alex Riley on the other hand is giving it his all every time he enters the ring, he does not have missteps, and he wants to be a champion, and it shows. Miz says that at Survivor Series, he will learn from his mistakes, and then he says if they lose at Survivor Series, then they will never challenge the Colons again. Carlito thinks for a second and he smiles at the Miz. Carlito says that he will go for it, on a couple conditions. Miz asks what they are. Carlito says that first, it is an elimination tag, because of tradition. Miz says, that is fine. Carlito says that second, it will be three on two, all Colons vs Miz and Riley. Miz thinks for a second, and him and Riley talk it over before Miz says that he agrees to this. Carlito smiles and he says that it is one then.
Raw comes up next and we see John Cena come out again, he says that Shad was a good pick by Orton, Cena says that it will be tough to overcome, even if the Rock joins the team. Cena says that speaking of which, the Rock will be on satellite tonight to give his answer as to whether or not he will join Team Cena. Cena then says that in the meantime he will continue to build his team for Survivor Series, he says that he is going to build it to be too strong for Team Orton to take down, and he says that he has another name in mind as of right now, but everyone is going to need to wait to find out, who it is. Next up we have Sheamus vs Ted Dibiase. Sheamus dominates the fight, but Ted does not stay down. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick, but Ted ducks and he rolls up Sheamus for the win. Ted then gets out of the ring, and he says that his next pick for the Survivor Series match is Evan Bourne. Tyler Reks then comes out, and he says, that is fine, because he too has made another pick, and that is Drew McIntyre. Next up we see AJ Lee come out, she demands to know who her opponent is at Survivor Series, she says that she has to know so that she can properly prepare herself for her title match. Kevin Nash then comes out again, and he says that AJ will learn who her opponent is, but not now. AJ seems to get upset about this, but Nash says that next week, she will learn who her opponent is, he promises, but he does to AJ to be careful what she wishes for. Finally for our main event we get some contact with the Rock. Rock is asked the question as to whether or not he is going to be joining Team Cena at Survivor Series. Rock looks around for a second, and says that he has thought long and hard about this. And he came to the conclusion, no. Only at first however, but then the Rock started thinking that he hasn’t been in the ring in eight years to do battle. Ironically the last time he fought in the ring, it was against Randy Orton and crew, and he never got to kick Randy Ortons candy ass properly, so that was one thing to think about for the Rock, the next was so the Rock could finally shake some ring rust off, because he says that if he steps into the ring at Wrestlemania, after not being in a match in eight years, there is a chance that John Cena could beat him in that ring, but if the Rock shakes off the rust, then John Cena will have no chance on God's green Earth of not getting his ass kicked at Wrestlemania. And the last thing the Rock thought of was the people. Rock knows that the people would be electrified to see him back in the ring again kicking ass and taking names. The Rock says that after he thought about all of that, he thought to himself that FINALLY the Rock will come back to the ring at Survivor Series. Rock says that his answer to Cena is, yes, he will join the team. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and Orton comes to the ring, he grabs a mic and he says that the Rock is stupid for accepting Cenas offer, because now, Randy says that the Rock may not even make it to Wrestlemania, Orton says that the Rock will end up just like Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel, in the hospital. Randy then says that since the Rock has officially joined Team Cena, then now it is time for Randy to introduce his next team member, Orton says that this man approached him, asking if he could have just one more crack at John Cena. Orton then introduces Alberto Del Rio to his team. Orton then tells Cena that it is his move next. After this we see Chris Masters come down to the ring, and he says that, he is done, just done. Masters says at Hell in a Cell he beat Kane, at Vengeance, he beat the Big Show, and those men both could actually wrestle. Masters then says that he wants Khali to come down to the ring and challenge him for the US title, he welcomes it. Khali comes down and he gets in the ring. Masters tells the ref to ring the bell, and get the title match underway. The ref rings the bell. Masters goes for Khali, but Khali chops him down, he then goes for the Vice Grip, but Masters is able to power out of it, and attack Khali, he takes Khali off his feet and he goes for the Master Lock, but Khali is far too big to lock it in. Masters then attacks Khali’s leg and does a lot of damage to it. Masters then locks in the half crab, and Khali still escapes,and he gets up. Masters does not know what to do now, and Khail grabs Masters by the neck and hits his double handed Chokeslam. Khali goes for the pin, but Masters kicks out, Khali goes for it again, but Masters hits Khali in the face, and then goes for a half nelson, or a half Master Lock, and he is able to get that hold on, and then hit the half Master Lock Slam on Khali for the win. After the match Chris Masters grabs a mic again, and he talks about how smart he is, and how he was able to not only outwrestle Khali, but outsmart him as well. Masters then says that no one is going to take this title from him, then we hear the music of Rey Mysterio. Mysterio comes out and he says that he is glad that Masters found his confidence. Mysterio says that he wants Chris to use that confidence at Survivor Series to face Mysterio for the United States Championship. Masters stumbles over his words for a second before thinking about it, and saying that he will give Rey his answer next week. Up next we have a tag team match between the Miz and Alex Riley vs Primo and Epico. The match starts out going back and forth between the two teams, Miz begins to get beaten up, but he is able to get the hot tag to Riley, who comes in and attacks the two men. Riley hits his DDT on Primo and pins him for the win. Carlito can not believe this, he is in shock, and the Miz and Riley motion to Carlito that soon they will be champions. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Raw is up next, and John Cena comes out, he says that he saw who Randy picked, and he says that it was yet another tough pick, but now Cena has Slater, and Cena now officially has the Rock on his team. Cena says that his team will be the team to beat at Survivor Series, and that is due not only to Slater, Rock, and himself, but also this man. John Morrison then comes out to the ring. Cena tells Orton that it is all but over at Survivor Series, and Cena still says that he has more man in mind, but like he said, the fans will have to wait and see just who it is. Next up we see AJ Lee come out, and she says that it has been one week, she demands to know her Survivor Series opponent. Kevin Nash then comes out again, and he tells AJ to calm down, because she is about to find out that her opponent for Survivor Series is arguably the greatest Women’s wrestler of all time, Trish Stratus. Everyone is shocked and Kevin Nash begins to walk away, before saying that next week live on Raw Trish Stratus will be in the building. After this we see Cody come out to the ring, he seems worried, and he says that after last week, he thinks that he might just be leading his team to slaughter, he says that he never would have guessed that his team was going up against Tyler Reks, Sheamus, and Drew McIntyre, and he only has a feeling that it will get worse from there. Cody says that also maybe it won’t, he knows that his team has so much heart, and they are willing to come to the ring and prove something. Cody says that at Survivor Series, he knows his team will take an absolute beating, but he also has not lost any faith in his team, and he knows that these two men will for sure add to what his team is going to do at Survivor Series. Cody then introduces JTG and Dolph Ziggler to his team. Cody says that he has one more person to pick, he says that he will think about it, and next week he will introduce him. Tyler Reks comes out, and he tells Cody to think about it all he wants, because it does not matter at the end of the day. Tyler then says that speaking of picks, and then out comes William Regal. Tyler Reks smiles and Cody and his teammates just have a look of worry on their faces. Raw then goes off the air.
Smackdown is up next and we see Randy Orton come to the ring, he tells Cena that his team is looking full of stars, and that is good, because he is going to need all of those guys, Morrison, Rock, and Slater to protect him from Team Orton. Randy then asks everyone to welcome the newest addition to Team Orton, Kaval. Kaval then comes out and stands next to Randy Orton. Randy then says to John Cena that he cannot wait to see the final victim on Monday night Raw. Next up we have Chris Masters come out, and he grabs a mic, and he says that in regards to Reys challenge, of course he accepts, he says that he wonders if anyone thought that he would say no to Rey. Masters reminds everyone of who he has beaten in the last couple months, he says Kane, Big Show, and the Great Khali. Masters says that if he can beat those men, then of course he can defeat little Rey Mysterio. Mysterio then comes out and he says that he has dealt with all of the same men before, and at Survivor Series, he says that size will not matter. Rey reminds Masters that he has been a former World Heavyweight Champion, and at Survivor Series, he will look to become the United States Champion after he defeats Chris Masters using the 619. Mysterio then leaves. Finally our main event is a Handicap match, and it is Primo and Epico vs Alex Riley. Riley gets beaten down for most of the match, and the Colons taunt him the whole time, as they tag each other in. In the end, Riley is able to catch Primo off guard and roll him up for the win. Smackdown then ends after this.
Next up is the go home Raw. John Cena comes out for one last time. Cena grabs a mic and he tells everyone that this is the moment that they have all been waiting for, Cena says that it is now time to unveil the final pick for his team. Cena says that this pick is huge, and he knew that he had to pull out all of the stops to defeat Team Orton. Cena then says, without further ado. Cena points towards the entrance, and we hear the music of the Icon, Sting. Sting comes out and he stands side by side with John Cena in an iconic shot. John Cena with a smile on his face then says, your move, Randy Orton. Next up we see Trish Stratus come out to a huge ovation. Trish comes down and she grabs a mic, and says that it has been a few years now, and everyone is wondering why she is back. Trish says that back in her day, she was on top constantly, the only woman to give her trouble was Lita, but that was it, other than that, Trish ruled with that Womens Championship over her shoulder. Trish then says that she has been watching Raw the last few months and she says that she has seen the Women’s division grow to great new heights, and she has seen new stars be born. Trish then says that it has made her wonder if she could still hang with the best in this ring. Trish says that she became so curious that she gave thought to stepping back in the ring, one more time. Trish says that then she noticed something, someone else who was starting to rule the Women’s division, a woman who spoke of change to the division, that woman is AJ Lee. Trish says that she noticed how truly good AJ has been, she is the best woman that she has seen, since her era, maybe ever, and that is a strong maybe, the only woman who could have ever opposed AJ in the ring, was none other than Trish Stratus herself. Trish then said that her curiosity had gotten the better of her, and she got in touch with Kevin Nash, and without hesitation, he made the match official for Survivor Series. AJ comes out to the ring, she says that she still thinks that she might be dreaming, she cannot believe that she gets to face the great Trish Stratus in the ring on Sunday. AJ says that she knows that Trish will give her the fight of her life, but AJ says that she is confident that she will not be beaten by Trish, she asks Trish if she watched her matches with Gail Kim, she asks Trish if she saw what it took to overcome her. AJ says that Sunday will be a dream for her, and it will be fun, but she guarantees that she will not lose the Womens Championship. AJ then leaves. Finally we have Cody Rhodes come out, and he says that it is now time to unveil his final pick for Survivor Series, he says that it is a man that embodies heart, and it is a man, who will oneday not just succeed in this business, but he will for sure be a champion, soon. Cody then says that his final pick is Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out to the ring, and he shakes Cody’s hand. Tyler Reks then comes out, and he says that it is time for him to unveil his final pick as well. Tyler says that his final pick for Survivor Series is Jack Swagger, Swagger then comes out, and we finish Raw with a staredown between Reks and Rhodes.
Next up is the go home Smackdown, Randy Orton then comes out and starts out the show, and he is ready to show his final Survivor Series pick to the world. Orton says that he saw Cena choose a WCW legend to be the final member of his team, Orton says that inspired him to do the same in order to cope with Sting. Orton then says that his final pick for Survivor Series is Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho then stands side by side with Orton as we see the finalized teams appear on the Titantron. Next up we see Chris Masters in a match with a small local luchador. The match starts and Masters puts the Luchador in the Master Lock, and he wins the match right away. He then grabs a mic and tells everyone how easy it is and how this Sunday Rey Mysterio will not stand a chance, then out of nowhere, Rey hits a surprise 619 on Masters and then grabs the mic and tells everyone how easy that was, and how this Sunday, Chris Masters will not stand a chance. Rey Mysterio then throws the mic on Masters and leaves the ring. Our main event is an eliminatio Handicap match, and it is the Miz vs Primo and Epico. Miz gets beaten up, but he still fights well. Eventually Epico makes a misstep in the ring, and he gets hit with the Skull Crushing Finale and eliminated, however, Primo surprises the Miz with a Backstabber and beats him in the middle of the ring to win the match. After the match, Carlito then motions to Riley that they are the Champions. Smackdown then goes off the air.
Survivor Series
  1. Team Reks defeats Team Cody (Reks and McIntyre are the survivors, McIntyre pins Bryan last)
  2. Chris Masters retains the US title against Rey Mysterio
  3. Miz and Riley win the Tag Team titles (Riley is the sole survivor and pins Carlito last)
  4. AJ Lee retains her Women’s title against Trish Stratus
  5. Team Orton defeats Team Cena (It comes down to Randy Orton vs the Rock and John Cena, but surprisingly the Rock hits a Rock bottom on Cena and leaves the match. Orton then hits the RKO and pins John Cena)
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2020.07.07 00:50 Tomi5196 Week 5 - GCW TV Show (Genesis Phase)

Hi guys, we have started a 3 way fantasy booking challenge with u/Bestevr34 and u/AquaGorilla_Man.
My show is Global Championship Wrestling and my TV show is Monday Night BLVCKOVT.
Hope you enjoy! Edits for spellings and layout.
Link to previous shows here: 1) 2) 3) 4)
Roster Breakdown:
Week 5 - GCW TV Show (Genesis Phase)
Show 5 (Be fruitful)
Segment #1 - In Ring Promo with Rhea Ripley
Rhea Ripley is in the ring as the show starts. A highlight package is played of her overcoming the team of Naomina two weeks ago, followed by Paige’s choice words at the end.
“But that doesn’t mean all is forgiven” I mean, our GM asked me a question and I’ve been brought up my entire life under the mantra ‘honesty is the best policy’. Do I think I’m the best wrestler in my division? Yes! Do I think I can beat each and every one of my competitors? Yes! Should I be considered the favourite for the GCW Bantamweight Championship? Absolutely! I have to be. I mean how many people have won handicap matches here in GCW? No-one as far as I’m aware!
I even hear some people wondering ‘well who is the second favourite?’ And do you know what I say to those people? You’re celebrating failure - if you’re not the best, then fall in line. Either stand up and prove the doubters wrong or move aside and let someone else have a go.
All I can say is that I believe I’m the best and until I meet my maker, there ain’t no-one in GCW that can stop me.”
Mickie James music comes on and makes her way down to the ring.
“Rhea, I love the confidence you have. But it is rubbing up people the wrong way. Just tone it down a bit. I was like you once. Full of myself, thinking I was going to change the world after being one of the stars in my early WWE career. Then I faltered hugely. And it took 4 incredibly talented women and one brave visionary to help realise that female wrestling can be just as newsworthy as the males. But don’t go making enemies for the sake of it. You never know when you might need a veteran in your corner.”
“Mickie, you are one of the all-time greats. But unfortunately, hun, times have changed, and wrestling has passed you by now. So, if you want to be in MY corner ever, I’d be more than happy to help you try and acclimatise to the new ways of wrestling.”
Mickie drops the smile and nice attitude, instead favouring a deeper and more serious tone.
“I don’t think you’re listening to me. You do not disrespect your predecessors. You would not be opening a wrestling show that is being broadcast to millions of people at home if it wasn’t for the likes of Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Alundra Blayze, Molly Holly, Ivory, Lita, Victoria and many many others. Just watch your mouth, before you really tread on someone’s toes. Cos if you step on the wrong toes, forgiveness will be the least of your concerns.”
Mickie James leaves while Rhea Ripley is left to ponder.
Segment #2 - Backstage interview with Lio Rush
Interviewer- “Well Lio, Paige has sanctioned a tag team match between Buckshot and yourself. But obviously, Bobby Lashley is unavailable for join you this week due to the incident from last week. So my questions are who is your partner and how’s Bobby holding up?”
Rush - “Bobby is doing great, he has good representation so he’ll be out real soon. Unfortunately not soon enough for my tag team match tonight, so I’ve recruited another person. He also will be fighting the same powers that be. He will be waging war against those that stunt our growth as performers due to the colour of our skin.”
Apollo Crews enters
Rush continues. “And while his debut will show a loss, what it won’t show is the heart and passion that he displayed. Or the talent. I mean look at him. If he doesn’t scream future World Heavyweight Champion, then you must be blind. Or maybe you’re just incapable of appreciating talent when it is right in front of you, just because of the pigmentation he possesses. Well if that’s the case, then you can take the first part of that word and wear it dishonourably. We will right the wrong doings of our world, one way or the other. Like my brother Malcolm X would’ve said had he been alive, may he rest in power and prosperity, we intend to bring equality to the forefront of people’s minds ‘by any means necessary’.”
Rush and Crews leave
Match 1 - Dijikovic vs. Mojo Rawley
Dijikovic wastes no time on an all-out attack on Mojo, a great combination of moves gives Dijikovic the edge. Rawley tries his best to get back into the fight but to no avail! Dijikovic locks in a new submission dubbed “Pride of Mass” (reverse chokehold) and takes the victory via submission.
Dijikovic holds two fingers up and then reveals 10 fingers, almost as if to say that’s 2 outta 10. TJ Perkins is shown backstage with his shoulder taped up in an animated discussion with a medic and a GCW member of back room staff.
Result - Dijikovic (2-0) defeats Mojo Rawley (0-2) via submission
Segment #3 - Backstage
Heath Slater is shouting for Paul - “Mr Heyman, sir. I need a moment of your time.”
Heyman - “What now Heath?”
Slater - “I’d like an opportunity to compete here tonight. How about you put me in a match for the tournament you been hosting for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship contention? I’m raring to go and ready to be the face of your company!”
Heyman looks bemused but shrugs his shoulders. “Heath, the last chance I gave you was in a different tournament. And, I hate to say this, but you flattered to deceive. I mean why on gods beautiful planet would I agree to give you another chance, when the only match that you have won is via disqualification?”
Slater - “I humbly respect your opinion, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. And if I were to make some similar comparisons to our world. The Cenation wasn’t formed overnight. Hulkamania wasn’t an instant phenomenon. Hell, even Austin didn’t become the megastar he is now in a short amount of time. It takes graft and dedication, which I have buckets of!
Just think Mr Heyman, imagine the wrestling world when they realise that you were the only wrestling figurehead that successfully predicted the era of Slater. How cool would that be? And I’d be the wrestler that is the bestler, that would be my caption! But I’m no creative whiz like you, you do what you think is best sir!”
Heyman - “I like your moxi kid, how about you make your way down to the ring? I have an opponent that would like some more TV time. You vs. Them. Winner qualifies for the tournament how about it?”
Match 2 - Heath Slater vs. Mystery Opponent (winner qualifies for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship tournament)
Heath Slater is waiting eagerly in the middle of the stage. He’s bouncing and limbering up when sAnity’s music hits. Out comes Eric Young, flanked by the behemoths that are Killian Dain and Lars Sullivan.
Eric Young - “Well Mr Slater, seems like you’ve not been paying attention to my free advice. We’re living in a world where mental health is crucial to our survival. And yet, here you are. Chasing an unchaseable goal. Our asylum already has one reservation, I’m sure we could find room for another inmate.”
Slater - “Kona Reeves is fine; I’ve seen him backstage. In fact, I just passed him.”
Dain - “Who said it was him?”
Slater’s face drops and asks who it is.
Young - “A monster who has been so malnourished due to the self-desire to grasp the proverbial brass ring that he is now unable to cope in our modern society. We are doing the industry a favour keeping this monster behind the curtain. He is what we like to call a case of ‘Pandora’s box’. He’s the ace up our sleeve. So, when people who, like you, think that my advice isn’t applicable for them, shy away from their mental responsibilities, can be forced to be held accountable for their lack of action. Mr Slater, this is your one and only warning. Bow out of the match graciously so as to avoid the mental anguish that failure will bring you.”
Slater - “I got kids man! And I’m chasing my dreams and chasing my pay cheques. I’m here and I’m ready to scrap. Bring it on, you looney tune!”
Young - “Oh, I hope you realise that I’m not your opponent, they are...”
sAnity surround the ring as Slater looks scared. Sullivan enters the ring and stands in his corner. The referee is unsure of what to do, but things appear settled.
Graves - “Looks like Slater is going to be going one on one with the Freak.” Ranallo - “Good luck to him, hope he gets to see his kids after this!”
The referee decides to ring the bell to make the match official. Sullivan immediately charges the referee and hits him with the ‘Freak Accident’. The commentators share their disgust and are outraged at the violence displayed towards the official.
Ranallo – “The opening week loss has sent Eric Young insane. And what’s worse? Dain and Sullivan are eating this all up.”
The ring announcer immediately confirms what the crowd already know - Heath Slater is now in the final for the GCW World Heavyweight Championship.
Young - “I think this is the part that you don’t, and Kona certainly didn’t, understand. Do you honestly think that we are delivering these sermons to then concentrate on winning wrestling matches? No. We are here to make a difference to the general public’s perception of sAnity. But they’re a bit like you, they just ignore the very few warnings we supply. I did tell you that this was your last chance after all...”
Dain and Sullivan proceed to batter the absolute holy hell out of Slater. They finish by having Dain crossbody him on the outside before Young crouches down and starts stroking Slater’s hair and humming. It makes for uncomfortable viewing, until Kona Reeves and PTP rush down the ramp to make the save. sAnity retreat through the crowd. Young laughs and holds his arms aloft before he says, “Sanity isn’t just a state of mind, it is a lifestyle choice that one must make. You will understand eventually Heath, you will understand us eventually.”
Result - Heath Slater (2-3) defeats Lars Sullivan (w. sAnity) (0-1) via disqualification. Heath Slater enters as the #11 entry to the GCW World Heavyweight Championship tournament.
Segment #4 - Pre-recorded interview
Interview held on the outside of a tall building at night.
Interviewer - “Thank you for joining me Stephanie, or more like thank you for inviting me here to conduct the interview. The view is incredible!”
Steph - “I just love working here, that view never gets old! Even when you’re working non-stop 24/7, I just look up and see that from my desk. Better than anything my father was able to offer me!”
Interviewer - “So GCW has run on TV for a month now, how do you feel it’s stacked up to the other promotions that started around the same time? Obviously CPW just held their 3-day extravaganza while The Shield, now known as The Sword, have been tearing it up with their promotion. Are you excited that the industry looks like it has a bright future?”
Steph - “I am, I really am. Obviously, working with WWE, we were under pressure of signing every single possible potential mega superstar. And sometimes it worked out for us, most of the time it went bust. It’s so much better, for the industry, having the talent spread out evenly across three different promotions. We’re all giving wrestlers a chance to see what they’re capable of. Some new stars are bound to be made; some will continue to shine brightly while there will be some that begin to fade. With these huge rosters, myself, Paige, and Paul must be ambitious but also considerate when it comes to acquiring new talent. In fact, we have just been finalising a couple of deals that should make a huge ripple in our roster. All in all, I think we are putting out good content, potentially better than our competitors but it is clearly down to the fans to justify my thoughts.”
Interviewer - “What do you say to the critics of GCW that there have only been 2 championships decided after 5 weeks of television?”
Steph - “That I completely get the frustrations. It was something we were all deliberating. Do we just hand out these titles straight away? But then Paul said something that made us all change our minds. He said, ‘Fans want to feel involved and feel like they had a part to play in a wrestler’s rise to the top. If we elect champions, we’re taking that away from our core audience.’ And it’s reasons like that that remind me of the brilliance of Paul Heyman. Yes we argue, disagree and complain but it’s always in the best interests of the product we are trying to provide. Trust me, by the time our first PPV ends, most (if not all) championships will have been earned.”
Interviewer - “I know I’m eating up a lot of your time, so I’ll just ask one question. Is it true that you are going to terminate the contracts of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens after their constant threats and breach of suspension?”
Steph - “No. I am reinstating them. All is forgiven.”
Interviewer - “That’s it? No condemnation? No criticism? No vengeful promises?”
Steph - “Like I said, ‘All is forgiven.’”
Interviewer - “Okay, thank you for your time Steph!”
Match 3 - Akira Tozawa vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Tyler Bates vs. Chad Gable
This is a slobber knocker of a match, with everyone getting a chance to show off their stuff. Gargano hits the lawn dart on Bates but is then clotheslined by Gable.
Gable begins to take over but is very careful to maintain control of his emotions. He hits all different varieties of Suplex (except for the German). He hits a picture-perfect northern lights Suplex. As he gets up, a German flag is shown on the screen and the national anthem begins to play. He looks confused and complains to the referee before running into a huge drop kick from Bates. Bates then seizes control before Tozawa owns all of them. Tozawa hits super kicks on Gargano and Bates, before lining up a shining wizard onto Gable. Tozawa picks up the win but again Gable is the victim of more unjust and unfair decisions.
Result – Akira Tozawa (1-0) defeats Chad Gable (0-3), Johnny Gargano (0-1) and Tyler Bates (0-3)
Match 4 – Holy Vengeance Championship Open Challenge
Aleister Black is standing in the middle of the ring, while the ring announcer reads a prepared statement. It says, “I will be a fighting champion. If you have the balls to challenge me for my title, then let’s have at it. If you don’t, then do not show your face. Otherwise I will send you back to whence you came.”
Kona Reeves comes down the ramp with a microphone in his hand. “Aleister, I will challenge you. I have qualified for the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament so could do with the practice match. May the best man win.”
“I intend to…”
The official rings the bell and Reeves goes to shake Blacks hand, who dismisses it by staring blankly at it. Reeves then slaps Black and screams, “Let’s do this!” before Black smashes him with a high kick. Reeves hits the deck and is clutching his nose. After the referee checks on him (around 20 seconds), Black hoists Reeves up with his foot, fakes the first Black Mass before hitting him on the second spin. Reeves is out like a light and the referee stops the match. Black’s arms are raised, and the time is announced again. Another improvement.
“Holy Vengeance… that’s what I deliver.”
Result – Aleister Black (6-0) defeats Kona Reeves (1-1) via pinfall to retain The Holy Vengeance Championship (2:12).
Segment #5 – Backstage Conversation
Naomi is backstage talking with Tamina about her current losing streak. She is apologetic, down in the dumps and feeling sorry for herself. Tamina slaps her across the face and demands her to toughen up. She orders Naomi to go out there and get the result for themselves but also her injury-stricken husband.
Match 5 – Naomi (w. Tamina) vs. Liv Morgan vs. Lacey Evans
Naomi seems to have been inspired by Tamina’s words and is fired up. She is hitting successive drop kicks, nice right hands and building momentum. Liv Morgan, after the rest of The Riott Squad were evicted, is struggling, and taking a beating from the two other competitors. Eventually, Naomi hits Liv Morgan with The Rear View. She looks at Tamina and gives her the thumbs up while Lacey Evans is slowly putting on her white glove. Naomi ignores Tamina’s warning and Evans clocks her with The Woman’s Right. She dusts her brow, fans herself with the other glove and gently covers Naomi. The referee counts to three and, just like that, Naomi loses yet again.
Result – Lacey Evans (1-0) defeats Naomi (0-4) and Liv Morgan (0-1) via pinfall.
Segment #6 – In-ring promo with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens walk down the ramp as Naomi is walking up. Sami Zayn condescendingly pats Naomi on the head while Owens can be heard saying, “It obviously runs in the marriage.” They saunter down to the ring, grab two microphones, and look out to the audience. They are booed heavily but they proceed to bow to all four corners of the ring and pat each other on the back.
Kevin Owens – “It is good to be back, officially this time. I don’t know about you Sami, but I have genuinely missed this place. Feels nice to be earning my pay this week as opposed to working for free last week!”
Sami Zayn – “Completely agree buddy. We have been reinstated by the Billion Dollar Princess and The Anti-Diva herself. Both have said ‘All is forgiven’. They must’ve finally realised what a hot commodity they have on their hands. I mean, we aren’t called The I.D. for nothing! We are proper Indie Darlings and if GCW weren’t going to appreciate us, then we could’ve easily taken our talents elsewhere!”
Kevin Owens – “That’s why it was so refreshing to have been forgiven and reinstated. Now, let’s get serious, shall we? D.I.Y. are just a rip off of us. Best friends turned enemies now best friends again. Sound familiar Sami?”
Sami Zayn – “Absolutely, I call gimmick infringement!”
Kevin Owens – “Exactly. Now, there will be no problems as long as they accept our challenge for a match at Soul 4 Immortality. GCW thought we wanted a title opportunity. But we aren’t fooling ourselves, we haven’t earned that! Yes, we had victory in the palms of our hands in the main event of Week 1. But Sami and I are anything but sore losers. We just want justice. That’s why we attacked The Usos. We didn’t mean to injure them; we were simply making a statement. They were able to have a match against D.I.Y. despite us requesting it specifically immediately after they cost us. D.I.Y. you hold the cards. What do you say?”
D.I.Y. appear at the top of the ramp.
Johnny Gargano – “How delusional are you? Justice? You want justice? Is that how you justify last week’s actions?”
Tommaso Ciampa – “Let me guess, ‘FTR were in the wrong place at the wrong time’. What I think you fail to realise, though, is that those boys are like us. They aren’t like Steph. They won’t forget and they sure as hell won’t forgive. And as far as gimmick infringement? That just makes me laugh. Are you the only two friends in wrestling history? Are you the only two friends who have ever had a bitter falling out? Are you the only two enemies who eventually reconnected and reconciled their differences? What an original gimmick you two have!”
Johnny Gargano – “We are happy to accept your challenge for a match at Soul 4 Immortality. But it is under one condition, whoever loses must disband. They cannot tag together at all. Whether that is in tag team matches, six-man tag matches or on a team at Bound by Blood. The only way you will ever share a ring is against each other. Thinking back to your unique history, that shouldn’t be an issue should it. It will just be another original twist in an original storyline that you guys came up with originally.”
Kevin Owens – “Why you two are most kind. My buddy and I would like to thank you for accepting our challenge. We are going to enjoy this… you just wait and see my friends. Just wait and see…”
Match #6 – Shinsuke Nakamura (w. Akira Tozawa) vs. Roderick Strong (w. Undisputed Era)
Before the match occurs, a vignette is shown of the beat down that Nakamura and Tozawa inflicted upon UE when they tried to attack FTR.
This is a fabulous match, full of counters and lots of attempts at submissions. Undisputed Era are like rabid dogs at ringside, constantly shouting advice and goading Nakamura and Tozawa. Tozawa remains silent. Nakamura swings his leg at Strong’s head, who ducks and rolls out of the ring looking concerned.
Graves – “That would’ve taken his head clean off!” Ranallo – “Now, that’s why they’ve labelled themselves KurHO. They will literally Kick yoUR Head Off.”
Strong takes control and starts delivering a range of backbreakers, but he is unable to keep Nakamura down for longer than a 2 count. The frustration builds and he makes a mistake of charging at Nakamura, who evades the charge and responds with a Pele kick. This provides some much-needed separation. Nakamura builds up some momentum and looks like he is going to hit The Kinshasa but reDragon storm the ring. Again, Nakamura dodges the incoming attack and lays waste to Fish while O’Reilly is taken care of by a vigilant Tozawa. Cole slides into pull Strong to the outside to give some time to recover. Nakamura lines up his finisher on Fish and plants him fiercely. He looks around everywhere but fails to see Strong get back into the ring behind him. Strong hits another backbreaker and covers Nakamura, with his feet on the rope for leverage. 1…2…3… Roderick Strong has managed to defeat Nakamura, albeit by cheating.
Result – Roderick Strong (2-0) defeats Shinsuke Nakamura (1-1) via pinfall.
Nakamura is incensed and squares up to the referee. He manages to calm himself and takes a deep breath, before Tozawa comes in the ring and pats him on the back. Shinsuke and Tozawa breathe deeply twice before sprinting off to attack Cole and Strong, who were celebrating carelessly in the corner. It is a strong beatdown and KurHO leave the ring with all four members of Undisputed Era hurt on the floor. Fish has not moved since taking the finisher.
Match #7 – Rhea Ripley vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Sarah Logan
Mickie James sits on commentary for this match and discusses Ripley’s attitude with the commentators.
Ripley continues to demonstrate her cockiness and assuredness in this match, taking down Logan with ease while simply overpowering Bliss due to the size difference. Ripley takes offence to a rope break count by the referee when trying to pin Logan and starts pushing her finger into the official’s chest. Bliss steps in between them and berates Ripley for the lack of respect shown to the official. Bliss and Ripley stare daggers at each other as Logan lies on the outside of the ring recovering.
Bliss and Ripley start scrapping with the size advantage helping Ripley. She hits a delayed vertical Suplex for a two count and then hits a second one – this time delaying it longer. She goes for the pinfall again and, again, takes exception to what she deems as a slow count. This time she fully pushes the referee, to which Mickie James stands up from commentary and starts arguing with Ripley. Sarah Logan brings a chair into the ring and swings it at Rhea’s back. There is a loud crack, but Ripley doesn’t buckle. Instead, she turns and sees the chair in her hands. She viciously beats down Logan and plants her with a thunderous DDT. She stands up and Mickie James is on the apron, criticising her having to use a weapon to take down one of her competitors.
Meanwhile, behind Ripley’s back. Bliss crawls to the prone Logan and covers her for the victory. Ripley turns around, notices she has lost and is angry. James calmly gets down off the ring apron, waves at Ripley and walks away.
Result – Alexa Bliss (1-1) defeats Sarah Logan (0-1) and Rhea Ripley (1-1) via pinfall.
Main Event – Lio Rush and Apollo Crews vs. Buckshot (w. AJ Styles)
Paul Heyman appears at the top of the ramp and has a microphone in hand. “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I am the Chief Executive Office of Global Championship Wrestling. It has come to my attention that Mr Rush is pushing quite the vengeful agenda here on my programme. I would like to elaborate on GCW’s official position in regard to the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. It is an apoplectic travesty that men and women that are black are subjected to the miscarriage of justice and harsh treatment on a day to day basis. There are many incidents that go unreported and, unfortunately, most cases are unheard of until they have a tragic ending. We do not condone any form of racism. That being said, I think it is important to reflect that the wrestling world is not a racist one. I, for one, do not see wrestlers based on the colour of their skin. I see wrestlers based on the content of their character. I hope Lio Rush understands our position and stops insinuating that all white men in powerful positions are racists.”
Both teams are fired up, with Lio Rush being very vocal on the ring apron. He accuses them of being racist and securing the hacker’s abilities due to their mutual hatred of black people. Crews is wrestling differently to how he did in his debut match. He is more focused, more grapple heavy and there is more meat behind his punches. Crews is able to desecrate Karl Anderson and tags in Rush to continue the assault.
The lights in the arena begin glitching and Lio Rush retreats to his corner. The lights go back to normal, but nothing is different. What it did provide was Anderson some time to recover and tag in Doc Gallows. Gallows lays waste to Rush, using the massive size difference to his advantage. Power move after power move has Rush wincing in pain and desperately trying to crawl for the tag. Styles is shouting instructions at his brothers and they are looking comfortable.
The lights glitch again and this time, when they appear on, Crews has been attacked at ringside and is laying prone on the floor. Rush is now against Buckshot two versus one and is being punished heavily. AJ Styles is bent over Crews taunting him, when suddenly sparks start flying from the top of the ramp. Walking through the sparks, looking seriously peeved off, is Bobby Lashley. He has his eyes set on Buckshot and walks down the ramp slowly but with a purpose. Gallows and Anderson jump out of the ring and stand in front of Styles. Lashley stands ahead of them, smiles and slowly points at the ring. In the ring, Rush and Crews (who is bleeding from a facial cut) jump off of the top ropes and wipe out all three members of Buckshot. They roll Anderson back into the ring, hit a double team move (standing moonsault after a powerbomb) to win the match via pinfall.
Result – Lio Rush and Apollo Crews (1-0) defeat Buckshot (w. AJ Styles) (2-1) via pinfall.
Despite the victory, Buckshot are savagely attacked by Lio Rush, Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews. Lashley hits three ferocious spears, which leave Anderson clutching his chest.
Finally, standing with one foot on AJ Styles lifeless body, Lio Rush stands in between Bobby Lashley and Apollo Crews, who lift their right fists into the air. “All whom oppose us shall deal with the consequences. We are taking back what is ours. We have grown tired of playing by other people’s rules, now it is time for us to make our own rules. And we only have one rule, that’s to Fight the Power by any means necessary…”
Developments for future shows
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1. Xavier Woods 2. Shinsuke Nakamura 3. Braun Strowman 4. Roderick Strong 5. Jinder Mahal 6. AJ Styles 7. Kona Reeves 8. Bobby Lashley 9. Adam Cole 10. RVD 11. Heath Slater
Tag Team Championship Final (to be held at Soul 4 Immortality) reDragon vs. Buckshot
Holy Vengeance Championship Aleister Black (1-week reign, 30.06.20, 1 successful defence)
Women’s Leaderboard 1. Mickie James, Ruby Riott, Lacey Evans (1-0) 2. Rhea Ripley, Alexa Bliss 3. Tamina, Lana, Dana Brooke, Sarah Logan, Liv Morgan (0-1) 4. Naomi (0-3)
Women’s International Tag Team Championship Champions – The IIconics (3-week reign, 16.06.20)
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2020.05.31 04:06 TitusKissesSonLips WWE 2004: January, Week 1 - Monday Night Raw

WWE 2004: January, Week 1 - Monday Night Raw
Hey everyone! I said a few days ago I'd be doing this, and here it is. The screenshots of the results are at the bottom, however this is the first episode of Raw in my 2004 save! Thanks and enjoy!
The camera pans across The Gentry Complex as 9040 fans cheer wildly for the first Monday Night Raw of 2004. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler sit at the commentary desk, speaking about tonight’s card:
JR: Hello Nashville, welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m here with my broadcast partner Jerry “The King” Lawler, Jerry, how’s it feel to be home here in Tennessee?
JL: Well JR, home is still 200 miles away give or take, but nonetheless I appreciate the sentiment, being back in Tennessee feels great! And know what feels even better? I get to watch some amazing wrestling tonight!
JR: You and me both Jerry!
The atmosphere presented by JR and Jerry’s happy banter is sucked out of the complex as Motorhead’s Line In The Sand plays and the complex rains with boos. Batista and Ric Flair with the World Tag Team Championships, Randy Orton with the Intercontinental Championship, and Triple H with the World Heavyweight Championship make their way down to the ring: Evolution has entered the building.
As they enter the ring, Triple H requests a microphone. While the ringside crew gets him one, Orton, Flair & Batista hold their titles to the air and taunt the crowd, and not long after a second wave of boos rains down. Triple H gets the mic and begins to speak:
Triple H: Nashville, Tennessee… doesn’t get much better then this does it? Seeing four elite specimens in one ring all at once… and yes, before you ask, that’s the one after three. Now, as much as I would like to stand here and call you idiots names for two hours… and yes, I definitely have two hours worth… I came out here for a reason. Shawn… you’ve been a pain in my ass for the better part of my entire career. You’ve leached off of me for security, wins, and frankly, relevance. Look at you now, weak, pathetic, a loser, and me? I mean, look at me! Do I look upset?
He proceeds to hold his title above his head.
Triple H: I mean, even if I was upset, I could just look at my pretty face in my shiny title, and then look up and watch my brothers do the same thing. But know what Shawn… I’m a nice guy, and frankly, I’m feeling a little generous. I know, I’ve given you multiple opportunities and you’ve failed, but I have a pitch for you: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels… Last Man Standing… at the Royal Rumble. You get one more shot… if you could even call it a “shot”... at the title, at me. However, there is one condition… you may not challenge me again after you lose. This is your last shot Shawn, if you so choose to accept, and considering I know how you think, I know you will. Just know this, I will not be going easy. I’m going to give you hell. Back in 2002, I broke your heart. After our match at the Royal Rumble, I’ll have broken your body. And at the end of the night, when you’re on the ground, and Ric, Dave, Randy and I are all standing on top of the world, that’s when we’ll have broken your spirit. Until then Shawn.
Triple H drops the mic, and Line In The Sand plays once more as Evolution exit.
JR: Well Jerry, if it makes you feel any better, I know you can count to four.
JL: Aw shut it, Jim!
Eye Of The Hurricane plays, and the crowd runs wild as Rosey and The Hurricane make their way down to the ring!
JL: If I had to pick a pair of people who I thought couldn't count to four, I think I'd answer with Hurricane and Rosey.
JR: Come on now Jerry, be nice! These guys are superheroes!
JL: Super zeroes, maybe!
The Hurricane grabs a microphone, and Rosey flashes superhero poses as he speaks, the crowd popping everytime Rosey does a new pose!
Hurricane: Nashvilllllllllllllllllle! How are you tonight?
The crowd cheers!
Hurricane: That's amazing to hear my superheroes in training! I am, The Hurricane, and this, is Rosey! And we are…
Rosey runs up beside The Hurricane and they both do the "Superman" pose.
Hurricane & Rosey: The Dynamic Duo!
Hurricane: Now the reason we are out here tonight is because we were made aware of an injustice… the…
Rosey runs up to Hurricane's side once more and strikes the Superman pose once again.
Hurricane & Rosey: Dynamic Duo!
Hurricane: were not booked for a match tonight! Now, as harbingers of justice, this didn't sit right with us. So the reason we are out here tonight is to hold an open challenge! However, because last night Rosey got a Super Stomach Ache!...
Rosey proceeds to rub his stomach.
Hurricane: It will just be I taking on one brave individual from the Raw roster! So, who will it be? Who is confident enough to think they can take down one half of…
You know the drill by now.
Hurricane & Rosey: The Dynamic D-
Hurricane and Rosey are cut off by Just Close Your Eyes by The Waterproof Blondes, and Christian begins making his way down to the ring, microphone in hand.
Christian: Nashville, would you like to know what the real injustice is tonight?
Rosey and Hurricane look at each other in disgust of just the use of the word Injustice.
Christian: That I, Captain Charisma, wasn't booked to compete tonight. So, Mr. The Hurricane, I'll gladly take on your challenge tonight!
Rosey and The Hurricane high five, and Rosey exits the ring as the action is about to begin.
Match: Christian vs. The Hurricane
The bell rings and Christian and the Hurricane approach each other and lock up. Christian gets the upper hand and backs Hurricane onto the ropes. He Irish whips him off of the ropes, and drop kicks him on his way back. Christian spends the next minute or so kicking the Hurricane, and taunting to the crowd. Christian runs off of the ropes and goes to land an elbow drop, but Hurricane raises his knees and lands them square into Christian’s side. Hurricane takes advantage of this, and runs off the ropes and completes the same elbow drop Christian attempted. He gets Christian to his feet, and whips him into the corner. He begins laying in punches, and the crowd tallies them as he goes… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… Hurricane runs around the ring while the crowd awes, runs at Christian and gets a boot to the face as Christian raises his leg. Christian grabs his arms and goes for the Killswitch, but Hurricane drops and flips Christian over in the process. The Hurricane turns around and goes to play to the crowd, but Christian rolls him up and pops his feet up on the second rope!
1! 2! 3!
The bells rings and Just Close Your Eyes plays. Christian rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp with a smug look on his face as we cut to commercial.
We return to see William Regal sitting in Eric Bischoff’s office.
Regal: Mr. Bischoff… do you really believe this is necessary?
Bischoff: He needs to learn his manners Will. You should be honoured I’m asking you to teach him. This is a month long program, we’ll check up on your progress after the Rumble. He’s expecting you in ten minutes at catering. Good luck.
William Regal, sporting an almost scared face, timidly leaves Bischoff's office.
Match: Maven vs Matt Hardy
Maven and Matt Hardy make their way to the ring. As the bell rings, Maven and Matt lock up, only for Matt to kick Maven in the gut. Matt punches and chops Maven until he is forced to his knee, before rebounding off of the ropes and kicking him in the head. Matt goes for an early pinfall: 1! 2! Maven kicks out. Matt gets Maven to his feet, but Maven surprises Matt with an uppercut. Maven rebounds off the ropes, ducks a clothesline from Matt and hits him with a springboard dropkick. Matt rolls under the ropes and stands up on the apron. Maven tries to grab Matt but he elbows Maven, and slips in the ring. Maven and Hardy trade blows for a few minutes. Matt gets the upper hand, knocking Maven to his back. Matt gets him back up, and sets him up for the Twist of Fate. Maven spins out of it however, and hits Hardy with an M-Plosion! Maven goes for the cover:
1! 2! 3!
The bell rings and Maven simply requests a mic. Matt storms off upset.
Maven: You know, ever since I came to WWE, I’ve worked for what I’ve got. Hell, I had to work to get to WWE in the first place, and thus, it doesn’t sit right with me when someone is just given everything. Recently, I’ve noticed that a certain someone wandered into this company, joined a group, and got everything by doing barely anything, and I can’t sit back and watch it anymore. Randy Orton, you’ve been given everything for free, whether it be because of your biological daddy or your daddy in Evolution. I want to teach your ass a lesson, and make you work for that Intercontinental Championship. So next week, I want a response.
Maven drops the mic and leaves.
We cut backstage to see William Regal.
Regal: So, as you know, I’ve been asked to teach you how to act in a, erm… Federation… manner, if you will.
The camera pans out to reveal Rob Van Dam looking up at William Regal from the dining table.

Please ignore the Hardcore Championship, this was the best image I could find.
RVD: Is this really necessary? Can’t you just say we did this and leave me be?
Regal: Oh please, you know I feel the same hatred towards this “program” that you do… but it’s not up to us. Mr. Bischoff has asked me to do this and he is our boss, so, we shall do it to the best of our ability.
Regal forces a smile and RVD scoffs.
RVD: Okay well what is going to happen then? You’re gonna teach me how to eat properly?
RVD picks up various utensils and waves them around, imitating a posh attitude.
Regal: Precisely.
RVD rolls his eyes and Regal takes a seat, picking up a fork.
Regal: Now this here-
RVD: I know what a fork is William
Regal: Ah ah ah, this… is a salad fork.
Regal and RVD make eye contact for a few moments. RVD takes the salad fork, digs it into some ice cream, and plops it onto Regal’s face, then walks away.
Regal: ...You could’ve at least used the ice cream fork!
We cut back to the ring for another contest!
Match: Jaqueline vs Jazz
In an almost sad squash, Jaqueline throws Jazz around the ring for a few minutes, hits her with a German Release Suplex and gets the cover.
1! 2! 3!
Jaqueline signals for a mic, but before she gets it Don’t Mess With plays as Molly Holly makes her way out onto the ramp.
Holly: Jacky, let’s cut to the chase darling. Your about to come crawling to me and ask for a shot at the Women’s title… how cute. It’s been a while since I’ve embarrassed an old hag, so know what, sure thing sweet heart. See you at the Rumble.
Jaqueline looks at Holly completely befuddled.
Jacqueline: ...I was just going to talk to the fans… but hell yeah! See you at the Rumble!
Jaqueline drops the mic as we cut to commercial
We return to Bischoff’s office, where Booker T & Goldberg are standing.
Bischoff: Boys, you’ve been loyal to me for years, and I respect the hell out of you for it. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to get something big. Initially, you two were going to face off in a World Heavyweight Championship #1 contenders match… however, it seems as though Triple H has taken it upon himself to book the title match himself. Now, I would just override his decision but… Michaels vs Triple H is money match. But don’t worry, because you too will be fighting for something great tonight… the number 27 spot in the Royal Rumble match. You two are on in the main tonight, good luck.
Booker T & Goldberg look at each other, Booker offers a handshake, and Goldberg shakes his hand.
We cut backstage to the Dudley Boyz.
Bubba: D-Von, my brother. Do you smell what I’m smelling.
D-Von: I think I do Bubba… I smell a bunch a snakes!
Bubba: You’re damn right D-Von, and I ain’t talking about Randy. Oh no, I’m talking about those sons a bitches, Dave Batista and Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair. You two stole the World Tag Team Championships from The Dudley Boyz at Armageddon-
D-Von: That they did!
Bubba: And frankly,The Dudleyz are not very pleased. No no no, we are veryyyyyyy angry. Now tonight, Mr. Bischoff has insisted myself and D-Von take on Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade to earn our Tag Title shots-
D-Von: Who?
Bubba: So once we beat they’re sorry asses, you best believveeeeeeee we are taking back those tag team titles. Be scared, because Bubba and D-Von are gonna take you two to Dudleyville, and it is not a nice place for outsiders.
The Dudleyz stare into the camera as we cut to Spike Dudley watching that promo.
Spike: Man… my big brothers are so cool. Don’t you think so?
Spike turns around, and the camera pans out to reveal Heidenreich standing in front of a locker.
Heidenreich: ...yes, I agree. They really have a way with words don’t they?
Chris Jericho walks into frame.
Jericho: Out of the way meathead, I need in my locker.
Heidenreich: Sure man, sorry.
Jericho imitates Heidenreich saying sorry and then shoos him along. Spike Dudley is in awe as Jericho starts to get into his locker.
Spike: Um… Mr. Jericho? I really admire your work in the ring, I was just wondering if we could maybe have a match sometime? I’’ve been wanting to work on my in ring ability, and I think they best way to do that would be to tes-
Jericho: I don’t do autographs kid.
Jericho locks up his locker and walks off, Spike looking disappointed. The camera fades back to Heidenreich, who bumps into Kane on his way out of the locker room. Kane does not look pleased.
Heidenreich: Oh, uh, sorry m-
Kane chokeslams Heidenreich and walks along. We then cut back to the ring.
Match: Mark Henry vs Chris Jericho
Jericho and Henry approach each other, however Jericho backs up into the corner before Henry can touch him. Henry charges at Jericho, but he dropkicks Henry’s knee, driving him into the bottom turnbuckle. Jericho spends multiple minutes playing the ground game with Henry, trying to keep him down with kicks, submissions and chokeholds. Jericho eventually goes for a pin, but Henry pushes Jericho directly upwards and down onto the mat. Henry gets up, and begins hitting Jericho with chops, headbutts and tosses. Henry tosses Jericho into the corner, and charges into him, flattening him against the corner. Jericho falls to the ground, and Henry rebounds off of the ropes into a splash!
1! 2! 3-
No! Jericho just kicks out, Henry picks him up and tries to lock him in the bearhug. Jericho elbows Henry over and over, until Henry drops him. Out of nowhere, a Codebreaker! Jericho goes for the pin.
1! 2! 3!
Jericho celebrates in the ring. We cut to Christian backstage, when Rosey & The Hurricane run up to him.
Hurricane: Just the man we’ve been looking for…
Christian: Hey c’mon the ref didn’t say anything so why are you?
Hurricane and Rosey look at each other, confused.
Rosey: We’re not here to be upset… we are actually very impressed.
Hurricane: You see, what you did out there tonight was incredible! I can admit when I’ve been outmatched and indeed I was tonight.
Christian is very pleased with that comment.
Hurricane: We are here to ask… will you show us your ways?
Christian: My… ways?
Rosey: How to be such an amazing hero! Please Captain Charisma, we’ll do anything.
Christian: *sighs* Look guys, I don’t…
Christian hesitates, and thinks for a moment.
Christian: Know what… I will! I’ll show you how to become incredible heroes, just like I, Captain Charisma!
Hurricane and Rosey smile.
Hurricane & Rosey: Hooray!
We cut to the ring, where Kane is stood with a mic.
Kane: I’m out here tonight for one reason and one reason only… Underta-
Kane is jumped from behind by Heidenreich! Heidenreich beats Kane down for a minute or two, before leaving the ring as we cut to commercial.
We return to see Sgt. Slaughter sitting at a news desk.
Slaughter: Good evening everybody, I’m Sgt. Slaughter, and welcome to the Sergeant’s Scoop! In developing news, Kane is being looked at by WWE doctors backstage after a brutal attack by Heidenreich. We reached out to Heidenreich for an explanation however we couldn’t find him… I couldn’t find him… regardless, in other news, Lance Storm and Stacy Keibler were spotted at a local coffee shop holding hands. Is this a sign of a new relationship? We will keep you updated. Finally, I’ve reached out to Spike Dudley for an exclusive interview. Spike, how are you?
Spike: Hi S-
Slaughter: Well I’m afraid that’s all the time we have here tonight on the Sergeant’s Scoop, we’ll see you next week.
Sgt. Slaughter waves and smiles as we cut back to the ring.
Match: Cade & Jindrak vs The Dudley Boyz
D-Von & Jindrak start in the ring, and immediately its a contest of strikes. It almost seems that they willingly let the other hit them just to see who will fall first. It becomes clear this person is D-Von, as he falls to one knee after a chop to the skull. Jindraak drags him over to the corner, and stomps away. Any time D-Von starts to get momentum, Cade grabs him, hits him or does something to stop it dead in its tracks. The match continues this way for close to ten minutes, as Cade and Jindrak tag out to rest up. Jindrak is out once again as D-Von manages to break free and get the hot tag in to Bubba. Bubba cleans house. Bubba and D-Von hit the 3-D, and go for the cover.
1! 2! 3!
The Dudleyz celebrate their victory and leave. As Cade & Jindrak get up, Final Force begins to play, and La Resistance make their way out on to the ramp.
Dupree & Conway: Dirty Americans!
The crowd boos.
Dupree: Oh shut it! You all disgust me. But you two, you two especially. Mark & Garrison, disgraces to your disgraceful country. Let that sink in, you are a disgrace.. To a disgrace. How embarrassing that must be, huh? To be the worst of the worst. I think this city knows a fair bit about that. Try making the playoffs, Predators!
The crowds boos triple in volume. Conway then begins to speak in a very bad French accent.
Conway: While yes, this city is awful, I think we rea-
Cade: Uh… Rob? What’s with the voice.
Rob is shocked.
Conway: Whatever could you mean Garrison? This is how I speak.
Jindrak: Pardon my French Rob, but that’s bullshit!
La Resistance are pissed.
Dupree: Regardless, ingrates, we came to tell you that we have a tag match booked for Heat. See you then boys.
La Resistance laugh, and leave as we cut to commercial.
We return to Lita and Trish Stratus chatting in the locker room, when Gail Kim walks by.
Kim: Move!
She bursts between them and grabs her bag.
Kim: Have a coffee ready for me when I show up next week!
Kim leaves, and Lita and Trish are absolutely horrified at what they just heard. We cut back to the ring for our main event.
Match: Booker T vs Goldberg {#27 Spot In The Royal Rumble Match}
Booker & Goldberg get to brawling. A flurry of punches a thrown, having an absolute battle with each other. As both men begin to tire however, Booker begins getting technical, outclassing Goldberg. He puts him in submission holds, tangles him up, Goldberg eventually catches his second wind and manages to hit Booker T with a Spear. He goes for the cover.
1! 2!
No! Booker kicks out. Goldberg lifts him up for the Jackhammer, but Booker T slips out and rolls up Goldberg.
1! 2! 3!
Booker T shocks Goldberg by rolling him up. Goldberg looks furious, but storms off.
JR: Just to refresh everyone’s memory, 4 different people have won the Royal Rumble from the 27 spot. Now, Booker T has the opportunity to make it 5.
JL: I can’t wait Jim, I mean just look how happy Book is!
Booker T celebrates his victory as Raw goes off air.
Thank you for reading! Let me know any feedback you might have in the comments, and Smackdown should be out within the next few days, and then Velocity & Heat will be going up as one post after that. Here's the screenshot of the TEW results! Thanks again :)
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2020.04.17 00:55 OneWingedDevil28 Re-Book A PPV (Day One Re-Bookings)

Comment down below what PPV's you'd like to see me re-book next! You guys have reccomended tons of great PPV's so far, and I did my best to re-book them! Keep the suggestions coming in, and enjoy reading. Feedback is appreciated. :)

WrestleMania XV – Suggested by u/50id5Nak3 AND u/hhhfan92297
Winner Takes All – DX (X Pac (European), Road Dogg (Intercontinental) and Billy Gunn) def. Big Show, Jeff Jarrett (Tag Team) and Owen Hart (Tag Team)
Shane McMahon def. Ken Shamrock
WWF Championship Number One Contendership Battle Royal – Test wins by last eliminating Big Bossman
Hell in a Cell – Kane def. Mankind
WWF Women’s Championship – Sable © def. Tori
WWF Championship – Triple H © def. The Rock (DX with all the gold)
The Undertaker def. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WrestleMania 36 – Suggested by u/_noobmastersixtynine
SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Sami Zayn and Cesaro © def. Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak
United States Championship – Andrade © def. Kevin Owens
Women’s Tag Team Championship – Sasha Banks and Bayley def. The Kabuki Warriors ©
No Disqualification – Edge def. Seth Rollins
Number One Contendership for the Universal Championship – Braun Strowman def. Kofi Kingston vs John Morrison vs King Corbin
NXT Women’s Championship – Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley ©
Winner Faces Goldberg Tomorrow Night, Firefly Fun House Match – The Fiend def. John Cena
WWE Championship – Drew McIntyre def. Brock Lesnar ©
Intercontinental Championship - Shinsuke Nakamura © def. Daniel Bryan
Otis and Mandy Rose def. Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville
Aleister Black def. Randy Orton
RAW Tag Team Championship – Street Profits def. Viking Raiders ©
SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley © def. Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks vs Tamina
Universal Championship – The Fiend def. Goldberg ©
RAW Women’s Championship – Shayna Baszler def. Becky Lynch ©
Boneyard Match – The Undertaker def. AJ Styles

Bragging Rights 2010 – Suggested by u/TheReagmaster
Tag Team Championship – The Nexus © def. The Brothers of Destruction
Interpromotional Singles Match – Big Show (SmackDown) def. Ezekiel Jackson (RAW) 1-0 SmackDown
Divas Championship – Natalya def. Layla ©
United States Champion vs Intercontinental Champion – CM Punk (Intercontinental) def. Daniel Bryan (United States) 1-1
World Heavyweight Championship – Drew McIntyre (MITB won at MITB 2010) def. Kane © vs The Undertaker
Team RAW vs Team SmackDown – Team SmackDown (Edge, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler) def. Team RAW (John Morrison, The Miz, Sheamus, MVP and R-Truth) 2-1 SmackDown
WWE Championship – Wade Barrett def. John Cena vs Randy Orton ©

WrestleMania 34 – Suggested by u/SimonBRUH8217
Ladder Match for the United States Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura def. Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin vs Rusev vs Randy Orton ©
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn def. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon
RAW Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks © def. Bayley
Intercontinental Championship – Seth Rollins def. The Miz ©
Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey def. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
SmackDown Tag Team Championship – The Usos © def. The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers
No Disqualification – Roman Reigns def. Braun Strowman
Universal Championship – The Demon Finn Balor def. Brock Lesnar ©
SmackDown Women’s Championship – Asuka def. Charlotte Flair ©
Career vs Championship for the WWE Championship – AJ Styles © def. John Cena

WrestleMania 31 – Suggested by u/GavinJ1899
Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship – Dolph Ziggler and Mystery Partner (Neville) def. The New Day vs The Usos vs Cesaro and Kidd ©
Randy Orton def. Seth Rollins
Street Fight – Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose
AJ Lee and Paige def. The Bella Twins
Sting def. Triple H
United States Championship – Roman Reigns def. Rusev ©
The Undertaker def. John Cena
WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Seth Rollins def. Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar ©

TNA Victory Road 2007 – Suggested by u/mishranomics
UItimate X Match for the Ultimate X Championship – Jay Lethal def. Christopher Daniels vs Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe ©
Sting and Abyss def. The Voodoo Kin Mafia
Eric Young and Gail Kim def. Robert Roode and Miss Brooke
TNA World Championship Number One Contendership Battle Royal – Chris Harris wins by last eliminating Jerry Lynn
TNA Tag Team Championship – The Motor City Machine Guns def. Team 3D ©
2/3 Falls Match for the TNA World Championship – AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle © 2-1

Survivor Series 2001 – suggested by u/TheTStain
TLC Match – Tag Team Championships Unification – The Hardy Boyz (WWF) © def. Rob Van Dama and Booker T (Alliance) 1-0 WWF
WWF vs Alliance – The Alliance (Ivory, Jazz and Molly Holly) def. Team WWF (Trish Stratus, Jacqueline and Lita) 1-1
European Champion vs United States Champion, WWF vs Alliance – Christian (European, Alliance) def. Edge (United States, WWF) 2-1 Alliance
WWF vs Alliance – The Rock (WWF) def. Kurt Angle (Alliance) 2-2
Survivor Series Match – Team WWF (Chris Jericho, Big Show, Albert, The Undertaker and Kane) def. The Alliance (Shane McMahon, The Dudley Boyz, Test and Stone Cold Steve Austin)

WrestleMania 23 – suggested by u/LangyLangLang69
Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Mr Kennedy def. MVP vs Carlito vs Ric Flair vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro
United States Championship – CM Punk def. Chris Benoit ©
ECW Originals (Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, The Sandman and Rob Van Dam) def. The New Breed (Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von)
World Heavyweight Championship – The Undertaker def. Batista ©
Women’s Championship – Melina © def. Ashley
World Tag Team Championship – Rated RKO (Edge and Randy Orton) def. The Hardy Boyz ©
Battle of the Billionaires, Intercontinental vs ECW Champion – Bobby Lashley (ECW) w/ Donald Trump def. Umaga (Intercontinental) w/ Vince McMahon
60 Minute Iron Man Match for the WWE Championship – John Cena © def. Shawn Michaels

Super Show Down 2020 – suggested by u/BenCaunce
Ladder Match for the RAW Tag Team Championship – Rollins and Murphy © def. Garza and Carillo vs Street Profits
SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley © def. Lacey Evans
The OC (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) def. The Viking Raiders and Ricochet (Undertaker attacks Styles post match)
Mansoor def. Dolph Ziggler
SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Miz and Morrison def. The New Day ©
WWE Championship – Aleister Black def. Brock Lesnar © via DQ
Goldberg def. Bobby Lashley
Universal Championship – The Fiend © def. Roman Reigns

AEW Full Gear – suggested by u/HeelWrestler
Proud and Powerful def. The Young Bucks
Tournament Semi Finals to crown the inaugural TNT Championship – Fenix def. Shawn Spears
Tournament Semi Finals to crown the inaugural TNT Championship – Pentagon def. Joey Janela
Pac def. Adam Page
AEW Tag Team Championship – SoCal Uncensored © def. Private Party
AEW Women’s Championship – Riho © def. Britt Baker
Tournament Final to crown the inaugural TNT Champion – Pentagon def. Fenix
AEW World Championship – Chris Jericho © def. Cody
Street Fight – Jon Moxley def. Kenny Omega

WrestleMania 2000 – suggested by u/Messydrawers111
Intercontinental Championship – Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle ©
D-Generation X (Road Dogg and X Pac) def. The Radicalz (Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn)
Hardcore Championship Free For All – Hardcore Holly wins by last defeating Test
Kane def. Big Show
Hardcore Match – Mick Foley def. Shane McMahon
European Championship – Eddie Guerrero © def. Chris Jericho
TLC Match for the World Tag Team Championship – Edge and Christian def. The Hardy Boyz vs The Dudley Boyz ©
WWF Championship – The Rock def. Triple H ©

WrestleMania 27 – suggested by u/adalby12
Tag Team Championship – Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston def. The Corre ©
Randy Orton def. Sheamus
Alberto Del Rio def. Rey Mysterio
Intercontinental Championship – Daniel Bryan def. Wade Barrett ©
CM Punk def. John Cena
WWE Championship – The Miz © def. John Morrison
Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix def. LayCool
Unsanctioned Match – The Undertaker def. Triple H
World Heavyweight Championship – Christian def. Edge ©
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2020.03.30 12:49 VacantForHOF Official Card Smackdown SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT: HERE COMES THE PAIN (March 3, 2020)

Hello dick maggots, it's ya boi, VacantForHOF... and I arrive with a solution.
This week you were told that Smackdown was cancelled due to a taping that occurred last week. Such a shame...
Because you will be taking a trip to the past.
Now to STEVE with the CARD
u/BestInBounds v. u/AurumVocem - Smackdown Summit
u/BrokenPenisJoke (#1 Contender) v. u/BenjaminEarl - TWT Contendership
u/DealerTokes v. u/525Forever - On the build up to Mania, Tokes has been on a journey to taking on the Hooded Man. While 525 has been on the journey against MKD. A tangled web of former LCA members as the stable finally explodes come Wrestlemania!
u/InstinctMan20 v. u/Pruef - Sometime in the future, a team forming of Graziano, InstinctMan, and Kane Carnage will be taking on The Exalted for the Trios titles. Why don't we take a brief break from the build to Mania to see a preview of what's to come for that long awaited match?
Cassius-Gun (u/VitaminYes2000 and u/Fsnwj) v. Legion (u/RyRyLloyd and u/TheRandomGuy199) - Last week, we saw the remaining members of CSGN leave the Summit. Leaving only Legion to be in the finals. So lets see if they're able to round some steam off versus a tag team of the same stable they faced defeat too last week.
u/CaptainConundrum54 v. u/NicholasGraziano - A brawl between two members of the HOF Class of 2019. No exact reason for this one. Just two members of LLR's Hall of the Best there is dukeing it out!
Vacant Clusterfuck
u/Moose_Assasin v. u/DOWN_WITH_BIG_BUBBY v. u/Phenomenalnferno v. u/LionTamerY2J v. u/MrCappie v. u/Jess_Kay32
u/VacantforHOF v. u/Steve_Chandler__ - Come Mania, Vacant will be risking his career up against his greatest rival JJ. So on the weeks coming we're prepping for anything and hoping to provide no loose ends. On the week before Mania we're giving Vacant his own Tag Partner, Steve Chandler. Tear the house down, lads.
All rules will remain relatively the same. So please review them.
Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. What year are we Shifting to....
The year we are shifting to is:.... 2003!
Smackdown 2003 Roster:
Big Show
Bill DeMott
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Chuck Palumbo
Crash Holly
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
Mr America/Hulk Hogan
Nathan Jones
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean O’Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Spanky "Brian Kendrick"
Ultimo Dragon
Zack Gowan
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
Miss Jackie
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Eric Bischoff
Paul Heyman
Roddy Piper
Stephanie McMahon
Teddy Long
(Note: These are the Wrestlers compiled from the Roster of BOTH RAW and Smackdown, not just Smackdown)
SMACKDOWN NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2019.05.17 16:57 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 05/17/2019

The following events happened on this day in history!
What event was your favorite in this list?
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2018.06.30 20:26 SiphenPrax WWE Network WWE Women's Evolution Network Collection will be added on July 2

These are the full match listings:
MSG 07/30/1979 – Evolutionary Origins Witness Fabulous Moolah and Kitty Adams battle Joyce Grable and Vivian St. John in a 2-Out-of-3 Falls Tag Team Match.
Championship Wrestling 05/05/1984 – Real Golden Girls Princess Victoria and Velvet McInytre battle Wendi Richter and Peggy Lee for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.
WrestleMania I – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun With Fabulous Moolah in Leilani Kai’s ear, Cyndi Lauper supports Wendi Richter in challenging Kai for the WWE Women’s Title.
MSG 11/25/1985 – The Original Screwjob In a controversial bout, Fabulous Moolah competes under the mask of Spider Lady to capture the WWE Women’s Championship from Wendi Richter.
07/24/1987 – Sherri’s Fabulous Opportunity In the early stages of her sensational career, Sherri Martel challenges Fabulous Moolah for the WWE Women’s Championship.
Royal Rumble 1988 – Glamourous Explosion Jimmy Hart’s Glamour Girls defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against The Jumping Bomb Angels.
Prime Time Wrestling 11/08/1988 – A Rockin’ Sensation Rockin’ Robin takes to the ring to challenge Sensational Sherri for the WWE Women’s Championship.
All American Wrestling 12/26/1993 – Blayze of Glory Alundra Blayze and Heidi Lee Morgan clash in the final round of the tournament to crown a new WWE Women’s Champion.
SummerSlam 1995 – A Massive Accomplishment Alundra Blayze puts her reign as WWE Women’s Champion on the line in a match against the massive Bertha Faye.
WrestleMania XIV – More than Marvelous Sable and ‘Marvelous’ Marc Mero take to the ring to battle Luna and Goldust in a Mixed Tag Team Match.
No Mercy 1999 – Chyna Cleans House Chyna makes history when she challenges Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title in a Good Housekeeping Match.
Survivor Series 2001 – Six Pack Stratusfaction Trish Stratus looks to seize a golden opportunity by competing in a Six-Pack Challenge for the Women’s Championship.
Survivor Series 2002 – Taking It to the Street Victoria and Trish Stratus prove to be deadly on the streets in this Hardcore Match for the WWE Women’s Title.
RAW 06/30/2003 – A Golden Debut Gail Kim makes an incredible impact on the WWE Universe by making her in-ring debut in a Battle Royal for the WWE Women’s Title.
RAW 11/24/2003 – Caged Heat For the first time ever, two women battle within the confines of a Steel Cage as Lita goes one-on-one with Victoria.
WrestleMania XX – Hairy Stipulations Molly Holly puts her hair on the line when challenging Victoria for the coveted WWE Women’s Championship.
SmackDown 05/06/2004 – Jacqueline Makes History A historic match becomes an instant classic after Jacqueline challenges Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship.
RAW 12/06/2004 – The Main Event History is made when Lita and Trish Stratus battle for the Women’s Championship in the main event of Monday Night RAW!
WrestleMania 22 – The Inmate Runs the Asylum Mickie James looks to take her place in history by challenging Trish Stratus for the WWE Women’s Championship.
OVW 12/23/2006 – Rising Phoenix Long before the Women’s Revolution, Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea defied convention in this epic Ladder Match for the OVW Women’s Championship.
FCW 02/14/2010 – The Queen of FCW Florida Championship Wrestling sees AJ Lee and Serena battle for the right to be called the ‘Queen of FCW’.
SmackDown 05/14/2010 – Cool Hand Layla Layla carves her name into history when Beth Phoenix defends the WWE Women’s Championship against both members of LayCool.
Superstars 10/14/2010 – What’s Your Favorite Match? Relive a “stone cold” classic in this battle between Alicia Fox and Melina to see who really is tough enough.
TLC 2010 – Bringing Hart to the Table Beth Phoenix partners with Natalya to take on the duo known as LayCool in a Tag Team Tables Match.
Survivor Series 2011 – The Glamazon’s Triumph Beth Phoenix puts the Divas Championship on the line against Eve Torres in a Lumberjill Match.
Money in the Bank 2013 07/14/2013 – Crazy in Charge Two old friends make bitter rivals when AJ Lee defends the Divas Championship against Kaitlyn.
NXT 07/24/2013 – A Paige Out of History Emma and Paige face each other for the honor of becoming the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion.
NXT TakeOver 05/29/2014 – Family Ties In his daughter’s corner, Ric Flair encourages Charlotte while she battles Natalya with her uncle, Bret Hart, by her side.
SummerSlam 2014 – Ambition, Revenge, and Betrayal Sibling rivalry causes problems for Brie Bella when she takes to the ring for revenge on Stephanie McMahon.
NXT TakeOver: Rival 02/11/2015 – Four for the Gold The Four Horsewomen of NXT battle each other in a Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Women’s Championship.
RAW 02/23/2015 – Give Divas a Chance Before the Women’s Evolution took off, The Bella Twins battled Paige and Emma in effort to earn respect for the Divas Division.
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 08/22/2015 – Silencing the Critics Bayley looks to silence her critics by challenging Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship in this classic.
WrestleMania 32 – The Revolution Steals the Show Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte shed their ‘divas’ image by battling for the reborn WWE Women’s Championship.
Hell in a Cell 2016 – Hell Hath No Fury For the first time, two women meet in the cell when Charlotte Flair challenges Sasha Banks for the RAW Women’s Title.
NXT 06/28/2017 – Last Woman Standing Nikki Cross looks to knock Asuka off her pedestal by challenging her for the NXT Women’s Title in a Last Woman Standing Match.
NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III 08/19/2017 – The Undefeated Champion In her last match in NXT, Asuka makes history by defending the NXT Women’s Title against Ember Moon.
Mae Young Classic Episode 4 – The Pirate Princess Sets Sail As the first annual Mae Young Classic begins, Kairi Sane sets sail on a voyage by facing Tessa Blanchard.
NXT 01/10/2018 – Baszler Proves a Point Shayna Baszler sends an emphatic message to NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon in this bout against Dakota Kai.
Royal Rumble 2018 – Rumble for All History is made when the women of WWE compete in the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble Match.
Elimination Chamber 2018 – Eliminating Barriers The women of Monday Night RAW battle for the RAW Women’s Title in the first Women’s Elimination Chamber Match.
WrestleMania 34 – The Empress and The Queen Charlotte Flair looks to prove that she is ready for Asuka when they clash for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
WrestleMania 34 – Getting Rowdy at WrestleMania Ronda Rousey makes an impactful in-ring debut by teaming with Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.
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2017.08.25 17:20 MatthewMir The Essential Women's Wrestling Collection: The best and most significant Women's Wrestling matches

Hey wrestling fans, yes I’m back for a special edition of an Essential List. For those who don’t know me or what this is it’s simple - I give Wreddit a retrospective list of matches from a certain superstar. Over the last couple of weeks I made several lists of Essential Career Matches. You can either access them all through this link or here:
Essential Lists
2000 - 2004 2005 - 2010 2011 - 2016 John Cena The Undertaker Triple H
Chris Jericho Randy Orton Dolph Ziggler Seth Rollins CM Punk AJ Styles
The Miz Shawn Michaels Eddie Guerrero Steve Austin The Rock Dean Ambrose
Kurt Angle Brock Lesnar Survivor Series Edge Batista Ric Flair
Mick Foley Bret Hart 2016 Cesaro Monday Night Raw Roman Reigns
Royal Rumble Cody Rhodes Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens Chris Benoit Sami Zayn
Christian Wrestlemania (1-11) Wrestlemania (12-22) Wrestlemania (23-32) Hardy Boyz NXT
Bray Wyatt Ladder Matches Samoa Joe Summerslam
This week we’re doing we’re preparing for the upcoming Mae Young Classic Women’s Tournament, by looking at the essential - Women’s Wrestling
These collection of matches comes from Dave Meltzer (his matches feature his ratings for matches rated 3* Stars and matches that I believe that are also good too, I’ll try add the ratings to those matches as well.
I should just be straight up and honest that most of these matches are going to be for the WWE brand purely because I don’t know much women’s wrestling outside of WWE – so If you have any suggestions for matches that could be included simply privately message me or add a comment on this and I will considerate it. Please read the entire list before commenting saying I’ve forgotten a match.. Also since a few people have commented on these posts saying 'stop throwing lists at us with no information' so on a few matches I’ve added a little bit of a backstory for new fans/fans of who haven’t seen the matches, some match details do contain spoilers, so you have been warned, but really if you’re getting up in arms about a match spoiler from several years ago that’s not my problem. I have also tried to add a link to each match as well; videos come from WWE Network, YouTube and Daily Motion. Lastly, and most importantly, I used Meltzer’s ratings as a guide but make sure to make your own opinion (or rating in this case) about the matches. Just cause he gives something a 3, doesn't mean that it isn't a 5 to you! If you do not like this list because I’ve based it off ratings, that is not my problem. Alright, now lets start the list:
Thanks for taking the time to read this list, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back hopefully in the next couple of weeks/in a month with another list for eras of wrestling. I hope everyone enjoy’s the Mae Young Classic.
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Trish Stratus' tag team partner for Evolution Trish Stratus WWE Theme - Time To Rock And Roll (lyrics ... WWE [HD] : Trish Stratus 4th Theme - 'Time To Rock & Roll' (WWE Edit) + [Arena Effect][DL] Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim Heat Nov 23rd, 2003 - YouTube raw 10 13 03 - lita, ivory, trish stratus vs gail kim, victoria, molly holly Unforgiven Rematch Trish, Stratus & Lita vs Gail Kim ... Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro vs. Torrie Wilson ... Gail Kim and Trish Stratus w Tyson Tomko vs Victoria and Nidia 1 Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim Sunday Night Heat - YouTube 2004 08 16 RAW 1 Lita, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Jazz, Molly Holly, and Victoria Backstage

  1. Trish Stratus' tag team partner for Evolution
  2. Trish Stratus WWE Theme - Time To Rock And Roll (lyrics ...
  3. WWE [HD] : Trish Stratus 4th Theme - 'Time To Rock & Roll' (WWE Edit) + [Arena Effect][DL]
  4. Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim Heat Nov 23rd, 2003 - YouTube
  5. raw 10 13 03 - lita, ivory, trish stratus vs gail kim, victoria, molly holly
  6. Unforgiven Rematch Trish, Stratus & Lita vs Gail Kim ...
  7. Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro vs. Torrie Wilson ...
  8. Gail Kim and Trish Stratus w Tyson Tomko vs Victoria and Nidia 1
  9. Trish Stratus vs Gail Kim Sunday Night Heat - YouTube
  10. 2004 08 16 RAW 1 Lita, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Jazz, Molly Holly, and Victoria Backstage

An updated lyrics video for Trish Stratus' theme song - Time To Rock And Roll, by Lil' Kim. Like, comment and subscribe for more! #TrishStratus #TimeToRockNR... Unforgiven Rematch Trish, Stratus & Lita vs Gail Kim & Molly Holly - Duration: 9:19. LiTa314 115,447 views. 9:19. 24 Wrestlers Who Have Died In 2019 - Duration: 21:01. 2004 08 16 RAW 1 Lita, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Jazz, Molly Holly, and Victoria Backstage ... Mickie James & Alicia Fox brawl with Trish Stratus and Lita: Raw, Oct. 22, 2018 - Duration: 2:45. 2005 09 12 RAW Trish Stratus Returns to Save Ashley from Victoria, Candice Michelle, and Torrie Wi - Duration: 4:37. nicole masarro 383,576 views WWE Mandy Rose Sonya Deville Nia Jax Alexa Bliss TIKTOK VIDEO Like/comment/subscribe - Duration: 16:00. WWE Instagram Live Story 203,782 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Zack Ryder's Iced 3 - September 2013 - Trish & Lita vs Molly & Ivory - Raw 10/22/01 - FULL MATCH - Duration: 5:26. WWE 443,347 views Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko Steal The Highlight Reel - Duration: 6:55. Trish Stratus WWE Superstar Fan Page 123,709 views. ... (Gail Kim Saves Trish) - WWE Raw - Duration: 2:27. Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro go up against The Ladies in Pink at WWE Unforgiven in 2005. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: No Copyright Infringement Intended All Credits To WWE